Monday, October 15, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

I know October is breast cancer awareness month. There are many activities and fund raising events going to to raise awareness and money for research. All of these things are good in and of the themselves, however, I do have a few bones to pick.

Bone 1:
We have many, many natural cures for cancer. These are not further pursued, given as options to cancer patients and in fact are looked down upon. The reason for this is, money. Cancer is a huge money maker for companies. A natural treatment cannot be patented and therefor cannot make them money like a  prescription drug can.

Bone 2: Nutrition plays a role in prevention or increasing your risk for cancer, any type.
For increasing your risk: If you eat a lot of sugar, from processed foods, grains and junk food, this increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body is directly related to an increased risk for cancer. In these foods as well, there is not enough nutrition, more like a lack of nutrients. Our bodies cannot maintain  health with out the proper nutrients. Eating the amounts of omega-6s we are encouraged to eat. Vegetable oils are not healthy for us. Avoiding soy. These are full of hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids, both increase inflammation. The push for a low fat diet and not eating animals fats, translates into us not consuming enough vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients, like cholesterol and saturated fats. Avoiding hormones in your foods.
Decreasing your risk of cancer: Eating enough animals fats! Consuming enough anti-oxidants to help rid the body of damaged DNA and cells. By eating a diet like I promote on my blog will help to dramatically reduce your risk of cancer.

Bone 3: Lack of oxygen. Cancer is an anaerobic cluster of cells. This means cancer lives in an environment without oxygen. If you give cancer cells oxygen, they will die. Engaging in activities that boost your oxygen uptake levels will not only help prevent cancer, but help your over all health as well. Things like exercising, HIIT, sprinting,walking, hiking, deep breathing exercises or visiting somewhere that is lower than sea level.

Bone 4: Reducing stress levels.

Bone 5: Birth control pills. I might take a lot of flak for this one, but it needs to be talked about. In 2005 the World Health Organization declared the birth control pill a category one carcinogen. This is the worst classification anything can receive. Cigarette smoking along with other dangerous chemicals are also in this classification. Funny how we always hear about how bad smoking is for us, but nothing with the "pill".  A double standard to me. Taking the pill or putting your young daughter on the pill is one of the worst things you can do for your health or the health of your daughter. It is not harmless. If your daughter has acne, stop all of the sugar and processed foods and begin giving her healthy animal fats and coconut oil. This will clear up acne, I know personally. If you are married, practice NFP of some type. I know people think this is horrible, it is not. Taking the pill will destroy you as a person and your marriage. NFP brings marriages closer together, those practicing NFP have a divorce rate  less than 2% This is a way to free yourself emotionally and physically.
Along with not using artificial hormones, having an abortion(s) will also increase your risk and chances of having breast cancer.

Bone 6: Not having children. We live a culture that seems to believe children are a burden, should be limited for various reasons, or not having any at all. Having children is the way the world continues to go on. If we stop, the human race ends. I think not having children is one of the best Darwin awards as a culture, unless you are unable. That is a different story. Having babies is a blessing from God. He designed our bodies to bear children for specific reasons. For many blessings, health and for the world to continue have children, as long as you are able. If you are unable to have children, be sure you are following the other "Bones" to help protect yourself.

Bone 7: Not breast feeding or not long enough. Women should always be encouraged to breast feed first. This is very important for both mom and baby. Both receive health benefits and protection. For woman this helps to prevent breast cancer, lose weight and creates a bond with the baby. For the baby, breast milk is the perfect food. If for some reason a mom cannot breast feed, make your own baby formula. Also, breast feed as long as you can, two years is optimum.

Being aware of breast cancer and any type of cancer is important. However, for some of this I think it is more hype than really helping women avoid breast cancer. Take your health into your own hands so you can reduce your risk of any illness. Research and do what you believe to be correct, even if your doctor does not think so. They do not have all the answers, only those they have been told in medical school and by the drug reps.

These are just a few of my thoughts and nothing extensive. Go read up.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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