Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer Body Lovin Challenge, Recipes

I hope you are all enjoying the challenge so far. What have you learned about yourself? What are you going to take with you once the challenge is over? Truly, my hope for you is beyond the challenge, that you are able to learn, grow and implement changes that can become a part of your lifestyle, beginning with the challenge and then beyond.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients and others trying to make a lifestyle change is, what to cook. I need recipes. I need ideas of food to make instead of the same thing over and over.
Well, I hope to give you good recipes, resources to find recipes and healthy food you can enjoy. Each week for the remainder of the challenge, I will send you three recipes. Pick at least one and give it a try. This will give you a chance to try new recipes and have some in reserve to try later.

To begin with, lets start with breakfast:
First up Chocolate Muffins I made these the other day and I thought they turned out tasty. One of the things you will find with this recipe, is that it has beets in it. Keep an open mind, maybe start with less is you are nervous about the flavor. This is a perfect way to hid veggies you might other wise not eat and have all their benefits.

Next on the list is a fritta. The great thing about frittas is their versatility. The base is always the same, eggs. From there you can add whatever you would like, cheese, cream, meats and veggies. It can be different every time you make one.

Finally we have protein pancakes. Just like with the muffins, these are another great way to add veggies and fruit for their health benefits. You can also make a large batch of these for breakfast for the week, makes for quick and easy meals.

You can always have bacon and eggs or bullet coffee, butter and coconut oil blended into coffee, add eggs for a complete on the go breakfast.

If you are someone who is not hungry in the morning, never fear, fast through breakfast. You need to do what works best for your body. Just be sure when you are ready to eat, it is something healthy and nutrient dense. Do not binge on sugary foods.

A tip, when you eat breakfast, or any meal for that matter, you want to base it on fat, protein and veggies along with some in season fruit. By keeping the sugar low in all of your meals you keep your insulin levels low, which will help with weight lose and/or maintenance. Weight lose is more about insulin levels than the number of calories you eat. Breakfast is a great place to start with low insulin levels by avoiding excess sugar. Some fruit, honey, real maple syrup are OK, just do not go over board on them. A healthy amount of fat and protein at each meal will keep your insulin levels low and stable, give you more energy through out the day and keep you full for longer periods.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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