Monday, April 27, 2015

Easy Recipes to Cook Once and Eat Twice

This week I have three great recipes for you to try with an added bonus of an abundant resource for recipes. You could try a different recipe every day and it would take you months to get through them all.

With summer right around the corner, I thought grilling recipes and salads would be great. If you are like me, I do not like cooking inside once it gets hot out, I would much rather grill and have salads and such. With the warm weather around the corner, here in Utah, once again, grilling is what we are doing. However, do not be afraid to take out that slow cooker.

The first one on the list is: Mediterranean shrimp quinoa salad. This is a great easy salad to put together. You can do shrimp, chicken, no meat, whatever you would like. For the veggies, you can leave them raw, grill them, combinations, try different ways of preparing them, this will give the salad a different taste each time.

I have become a lover of steak over the last five plus years. With that being said, I am not a huge fan of plan steak, I like mine marinaded and with a dipping sauce. This might make me, not a true steak lover, but I am OK with that. The nice thing with this marinade, is it does not have to be marinaded for a  long period of time, 20 minutes can be long enough. Lime and rosemary steak.

I honestly have not tried this salad yet, but it looks really tasty. I have it on my Pinterest page, a great place to follow me for recipes. Cranberry avocado chicken salad, instead of the canola oil in the dressing, use extra olive oil or avocado oil. This would also be an easy way to batch cook chicken, grill a whole chicken or extra chicken one night and the next day or two, use the extra chicken in this salad, cook once, eat twice.

A great resource for recipes that are Primal/Paleo, super delish and most are easy without crazy ingredients. I have found many meals we truly enjoy from this site and when I am looking for something new, this is one of the places I go.

I hope you enjoy these meals. When making any of them, think about making extra for lunches, or cooking extra protein and having it for several meals instead of just one. This will make your cooking much easier and more efficient and gives you more than one meal. Around here, lunches are typically leftovers. Yummy

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