Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Summer Body Loving Challeng

Well, you might have figured it out, but summer is around the corner, or maybe where you are it is here already or early. Summer means, shorts, tanks tops, short sleeved shirts, swim suits, backless dress, all the fun summer clothes. That entails us preparing our bodies, beginning know.

I know there are countless challenges out there to slim down by summer, get in shape by summer, whatever they are.  These are well and good, but what is more important to me, is that you love your body, you are comfortable in your skin, you concur your demons, or at least face them as I did mine with my bikini competition. Weight lose is a side effect, not the goal. Being healthy and loving your body and self is the goal.

So, by summer, I want you to be comfortable in your skin or at least begin to be, be able to say you love your body, you are proud of yourself. I want you to be able to confidently go out in your short shorts, bikini, summer dresses, tank tops, strut along the beach or pool side because you have worked hard, to love yourself, accept your body, flaws and all for where you are and know you have done all you can to be healthy for yourself, not me, not some fake model in a magazine or a photo shopped model who does not look like that in real life. Lets be real women and men and love our bodies and all their imperfections, all their glory, the amazing feats they do every day. The standard of beauty is no standard at all, who can compete with something not real? Lets be real.

Lets begin our challenge on Monday, April 13 and end it on June 15, that is eight weeks, a good amount of time to make a lot of progress and see changes in the body.

To begin:
We will start with the first part of the sugar challenge, no sugar. This will include no alcohol, fruit, any type of sugary foods, artificial sugars and sweeteners. Some honey is OK, do not exceed a table spoon a day. Really try to not eat grains either, remember these are sugars to the body. Two weeks of going grain free is very doable. This will help kick start our bodies out of depending on sugar for fuel and relying more on fats and protein. Be sure to concentrate on fats first, butter, coconut oil, fatty cuts of meats, whole eggs, avocados, some nuts and seeds and then on protein and healthy carbs from veggies, once the two weeks is up, you can go back to some fruit.

The second part, picking one to three areas of your body you do not like, that should be easy for most of us. I want you to take a picture of yourself, share it with us, you can hid your face, on my face book page however you are comfortable sharing. We are going to work on loving these body parts, seeing them for what is really there, not what we have made up in our heads that might not be the truth. We are going to work on accepting these parts of ourselves we do not like and track the progress. You will have a whole community to help support you, to help you see what is really there, not what you have made up in your head. We need to learn to see ourselves through the eyes of others, not our misconstrued self. 

After the first two weeks, of the sugar challenge, deciding the one to three areas of our bodies we want to work on and our pictures, each week will entail different challenges to help you grow, accept yourself, love yourself, challenge yourself to grow as a person and by the end, see yourself in a whole knew light. You will be confident in who you are.

Are you ready to join me? Lets begin.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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