Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Big Changes Coming Your Way

Painting my new office!
I have huge changes coming to my business, I am very excited! I am moving my business into CrossFit Ogden. I will be running my business from here and taking over their nutrition program, teaching classes and setting up challenges, be sure to watch for times of classes. Big changes coming my way. It will be a lot of work, but the opportunity is amazing. Just shows, when you work hard, keep putting yourself out there, you will reach your goals and dreams. It takes time and hard work.

This is good change, a big one, but a good one for me. With all the changes coming my way, I thought it was a good time to talk about change and some good ways to deal with them. The constant in life, is change, some change is great, we hope for, some change is horrible and we hope will never happen and then there is everything in between.

Because we all know how much fun and awesome good change is, I do not think we need to talk to much through them. Lets discuss the bad changes, things that are out of our hands and just happens to us.

This type of change can happen at any time, to anyone, none of us is exempt from it. But, how do we handle it? If we take some time to plan ahead, take small changes as they come, when the big, dreaded one comes, we are more prepared. I do not think we can ever be fully ready, but prepared. When we can handle small things well, we are building muscles to handle  larger things well also.

  • When you get stopped at a red light because the car in front of you did not drive faster, instead of getting angry and upset, take a deep breath and see this as an opportunity to slow down.
  • When you drop something on your clothes, handle it with grace. 
  • When plans change at the last minute, go with the flow.
There are many changes that happen every day. Take a step back and ask yourself how you deal with them? How can you become better? What are some changes you could make?

Then, the big, dreaded change comes along, you lose your job, a spouse or close friend passes, your health takes a turn for the worst, it can be many things. 
Here are some steps to take to help prepare for the unexpected:
  • Take out several sheets of paper, five or six should do. Each paper is going to be dedicated to one thing. On top of the paper write what that is, Primary relationship, career, finances, health,  any other area of your life you would dread a massive change.
  • Write down what your greatest fear is, if this were to happen, I do not know how I would handle it. If you have more than one, write them all down.
  • Take a step back and ask yourself, what concrete steps can I begin taking today, to help make this life changing event not so dreaded, so hard to handle. 
Examples could be:
  • Spend more quality time in your relationship. Go on dates, sit and talk with no distractions, share your dreams, pursue those dreams together. No one sits back at the end of life and says they wished they had spent less time together, they always want more. Make that time, right now. Spend less time angry with each other and more time trying to actually understand the person you love.
  • For a job lose, how can you make yourself in-disposable to your company?
  • Finances, live with in your means, live simply, want what you actually have and stop spending so much time dwelling on what you do not have, have a safety net for if you lose your job, your health takes an unexpected turn, have a good savings.
  • For you health, take care of your body, feed it nourishing, rich, dense foods, move your body, work with a health coach.
  • For any of your others, do this same thing, what steps can you take. 
  • Then begin taking them, that is the important part. You have to implement these.
Remember to always strive to see the good. A life change at first might seem like the most horrible thing and you will never overcome it, but in the end, it could really be the best thing that has ever happened to you. This can set you up on a path you would have not ever taken had it not been for that change. Sometimes we need something big to wake us up to what is really important, what we want and a new path in life. See the good. Make the choice to be happy and find joy.

I thing I have gone on long enough. I hope these tips can help you in this ever changing journey of life. Life will not be perfect, nor easy, but we can love our lives and enjoy them to the fullest.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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