Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Training and Traveling

My Hubby and I returned from a nice and relaxing vacation, meaning we did not do much, relaxed. The hardest thing we did was our workouts and kayaking.
 Yup, we took weights, a kettle bell, a band and tube

It was easy to take the weights and kettle bell with us because we drove. What you can do with these is endless. I really love my kettle bells, a full body workout within minutes. You can do kettle bell swings as a Tabata or 15 minutes for a full body workout. Which is fantastic while on vacation, because who wants to spend all of their time working out when away? The possibilities are truly endless for kettle bells. Some of my best workouts have come from these. You can work muscles you might not have none you have or in ways you have never worked the muscle, they are face passed and change frequently because there are so many different exercises to do. You can target the big muscles as well as the small ones for balanced, functional training. You can find them in wight ranges from 5 lbs to 75+ lbs. Obviously, you do not want to take a huge weight on the road, but my 15 lb one was perfect for traveling. I did kb swings, squats with over head press, lunges, mainly lower body exercises I wanted to add a challenge to.

Well, that is great, but I am flying so I am off the hook. Not so fast. This is where the beauty of bands and tubes comes in. These are extremely light weight and fit in almost any bag. You can do both upper and lower body exercises with these. Do not be fooled thinking this will not give you enough resistance for a workout, they are challenging. You can find them in different strengths from light to heavy. Again you can target both large and small muscle groups, a great workout will include both for balance. Here is a sample workout you can do, this is my most pinned Pin Pinterest.

Your best tool for a great workout while on vacation, comes right along with you. It is your body weight. No equipment needed, nothing fancy, just you and you always come along. In this post you can find out about body weight training, basic movements and sample wok routs for all levels

Excuses for not working out on vacation, unless it is a planned down time, demolished. That is what I am here for, take away your excuses and give you options that work. I know, because I have done them.   

If you would like more workouts for both band, tubes, kettle bells and body weight, that can be done at home or on the road, look no further than my Pinterest Page

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
Go move that beautiful body of yours.
God bless,

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