Monday, June 4, 2012


Detoxing is a bit of a buzz word today isn't it? It is almost one of those, you feel like you are on the outside if you have not done a detox. Or, has it come up with conversations with your friends and family, which one have you done, this one worked for me or this did not, try this one or that one. Lets talk about detoxing about, shall we, my thoughts anywho.

Some of the basics:
Our bodies were designed to detox themselves. Detoxing is not something new that has been started as a fade in recent years. God knew that our bodies needed to detox, so He designed them to do so. Keep in mind, it is not just taking in toxins that we need to "detox from". Our bodies make toxins naturally from the processes of breaking down food, exercising, natural break down of cells, our bodies replenishing themselves, which creates waste products. Even in a perfect world, there are still toxins which need to be eliminated. If we give our bodies what they need, they will detox naturally.

Ways we detox naturally:
Our skin, through sweating.
Eliminating, both our urinary system and gastrointestinal intestinal system.

Some ways to help our bodies detox naturally through each of these systems:
There is not to much more to say about exhaling other than breathing! Deep breathing everyday is very important. Deep breathing is also a wonderful way to help relieve stress from the body. Breath in through your nose using your stomach, try to use all of the cavities in your lungs, fill your lungs with air. Place your hands on your stomach so you can feel your stomach rise, hold your breath for a several seconds and then exhale slowly through your mouth placing your tongue on the back of your upper front teeth, making a sighing noise. Try to take three to five breaths like this as often as you think about it. The best place to do this, is out side in the fresh air getting some sun. Also, be sure to air out your house everyday. This is extremely important. Our homes can be more toxic than the largest cities. Your furniture, carpets, woods glues, pressed particle board, basically everything in your house out gases, they release toxic, nauseous fumes. New buildings and homes are the worst. Also your cleaning products can be toxic. If you have headaches, nausea, fatigue, this could be part of the reason. Your home, or place of work, could be toxic. Air it out!
Not only is sweating used to keep us cool, but this is one of the best ways to detox. Our skin is our largest organ. When we sweat, our bodies is getting ride of toxins. So, you so not want to stop this! That means your anti-perspirant, is not healthy. I know, having sweaty pits is not the sexiest thing, however, allow your body to ride itself of toxins or keep them in...? Easy choice. You want your body to sweat every day to release both toxins taken in and as well as the bodies natural toxins. Other ways to make sure you get your sweat on, a good hard work out, like HIIT, three days a week, walking daily, a sauna, taking a hot bath with Epsom Salt , due watch the chlorine, sitting out in the hot sun, whatever it is, make sure you are sweating every day. With that, be sure you hydrate and take in sodium and potassium, you lose all of these when you sweat. By staying hydrated when you are sweating, you can help your body sweat even more! Wearing clothing that is loser fitting can also help your body to sweat, does not cut off circulation and not as sweaty of pits!
Also, exfoliating the skin is important. Our pores can become clogged and then the toxins cannot escape. Using a loofah or a skin brush will help to lift the dead skin cells away, clean the pores and bring more blood flow and oxygen to the lymphatic system. This can help reduce cellulite as well ladies! Or you can use this coffee scrub to exfoliate. After exfoliating and cleaning the pores, watch what you put on your skin. Most of those lotions and creams are full of nasty toxins and you will absorb them. My rule of thumb is, if I will not eat it, then I will not put it on my skin. When you put something on your skin, you are indirectly eating it. We sweat and also absorb through our skin. I love to use coconut oil on my skin. Since switching to this and changing my diet, I know get many compliments on my skin. It is even and I do not need any makeup other than mascara.

I will cover elimination in another post, I think this one is long enough. Give you a few nuggets at a time!
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time!
God many blessing be showered upon you,

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