Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I wanted to take the time to thank our military and their families on this Memorial Day. I myself have not ever been in the military, but I have plenty of family who has been and currently is, the Marines being the biggest in my family!

THANK YOU for your service to our great and amazing country. Because of all of you, we enjoy the freedoms we take for granted. Thank you for be willing to serve in the military, for all you sacrifices and what you give up to keep us free.

To those families who have lost a loved one, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for raising a son or daughter who wold be willing to fight for someone else's freedom, and give the ultimate sacrifice. My prayers go out to you as you remember your loved ones this day. To the spouses and children who are left behind, you have people who thank you, appreciate your sacrifices, love you and support you in these trying times. My God give you strength, for He knows the pain of losing a Son, a part of Himself.

My God bless all our military, close to home and those far away in scary places. I pray for you safety, courage and hope every day.

Here is a web site to help you have the motivation to work out and also help our troops, what could be better?! It has an inspiring video at the beginning, be sure to watch.

Many Blessings from Above to you our military and your families who give so much.
Support, Prayers and Love,

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