Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Year Resolutions

So, how are those New Year Resolutions going for you? You know, the one you make every year about losing weight, getting healthy, building muscle. I think it is more of a tradition than anything real. Every one makes it, so I will join the band wagon.

If you are looking for a lasting change of health, try a different approach. Remember the definition of insanity to doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Weight lose and health are no different. If every year you make this resolution, but have not been able to stick with it and actually accomplish your resolution, lets trying something different!

First things first. Instead of doing a diet, which never works, you need a life style change. A way of eating you can continue for the rest of your life at least 80% of the time. Crash diets do not work very well and can be in fact very dangerous. Looking into the primal way of life, paleo or caveman are all great lifestyle ways of eating. They are easy, satisfying and highly nutritious. Most of what I talk about here on my blog follow these, with the exception of what I follow from Dr. Price. Eliminating sources of sugar, including grains, increasing your fat and protein intake as well as your veggies is basically it. Eating real food.

Another thing to incorporate is movement, lifting heavy things. This does not mean you need a gym membership or have to have heavy weight at home. This can be going for a walk every day, walk 15 minutes in one direction and then walk back, a half hour appears to be the magic number for maxim benefits.  Heaving lifting can be your body weight. Doing exercises such as squats, lunges, push up, planks, and hundreds of variations of these. Pick five different exercises, mixing up and lower body, do 10-20 of each in a circuit or HIIT style workout, do two to three sets. Once in awhile sprint train and watch your body morph into the body of your dreams or at least losing the weight you want to lose, getting into great shape and being healthy!

I think we all know changing our eating habit and moving more are part of becoming healthy, but there is another important competent. This is your emotional ties to food. What emotions, feelings or fears are you trying to ignore, push aside and not deal with by eating? Until you can identify your emotional ties to food, it is going to be very difficult to change your eating habits. Go through the hard processes of figuring this out and you will find it much easier to let go of those trigger foods and become healthy.

Different ways of doing this are talking with someone, like a counselor, health coach or a spiritual leader. Gather photos from your life, before you began having food problems, weight issues, until the present time and talk through these pictures. See where you began gaining all of the weight or losing it and address what that trigger is and deal with it. Stop pushing it aside. Journaling, as we have discussed, can be very useful as well. Figure out what will work best for you and take the plunge.

Your better health and body are out there waiting for you to come and find them!
Saving the World one stick of butter at a time!

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