Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Many Times Do You Eat?

I know I used to buy into the whole, you need to eat five to six small meals a day life style. As I did this, I was very hypoglycemic. If I did not eat every three to four hours, watch out world because I would drop hard and be very sick and could not function. I would always think something seemed weird with this. I ate so called healthy, loads of grain, sugar, but why was my blood sugar so off? If I was this healthy person, why could I not maintain my blood sugar levels? Something in the back of my head would tell me something was messed up and wrong with this picture.

Then I found the Primal Blue Print from Mark Sission, over at Marks Daily Apple. I realized my problem was eating to much sugar and not enough fat and protein. After I began to change this and eating better, the way we should be eating, my hypoglycemia went away. I have control of my blood sugar, not my blood sugar having control over me. A very nice feeling. I can do a 24 hour fast and not think I am going to die. Instead of eating many small meals throughout the day, I eat two sometimes threes meals a day and feel better than I ever have. What I have also accomplished, is making my body a very efficient fat burning machine! Who does not want that?! Instead of always needing sugar and food to eat, my body has learned to go to its fat reserves and use this extremely stable energy source. Fat is what our bodies really want to burn. It means we are not in a fight or flight state either. We are calm, just being. The way we should be living the largest majority of our daily lives. It was not every hour or half hour our ancestors came across a bear or mountain lion, something of grave danger that they needed to run away from.

This is when we go into the adrenaline rush, we stop burning fat, we store fat and begin burning sugar. The problem today, is most people live in this state of adrenaline rush, going 150 mph. Their body constantly thinks it is needing to run from a bear, so they are burning sugar and storing fat. As a side note, for woman this can cause infertility. Progesterone is made from fat. What your body will do when you are constantly going 150 mph, is stop making progesterone and instead make hormones for fight or flight. They both use the same precursor, fat. We are not in a baby making state, too much stress, therefor we do not need progesterone, we need flight or fight hormones, adrenaline or epinephrine. Our bodies will always out smart us.
Back to the point, we need to learn to stabilize our blood sugar levels. Eating five to six small meals a day is not the way to do this. We also need to learn to make our bodies the fat burning machines they are designed to be. The way to doing this is eating the right things and not eating more than three meals a day. Decreasing the amount of sugar we eat, this includes grains. Most grains, even those labeled "whole grain" are not really whole grains at all. One of the first ingredients is going to be white flour or one of it's derivatives. White flour to our bodes is sugar. Whole sprouted grains should be at the bottom of our food consumption list instead of the top. Even true whole grains will cause a sugar spike in our bodies. Grains should be consumed in moderation, if at all. The other foods which we need more of is fat and protein. Eating fat does not make you fat. This is a beautifully constructed lie from the powers that be. Eating fat will help you lose fat. It does this by keeping us full for longer periods of time and is an excellent source of energy, stable energy. Fat does not spike our insulin levels. It helps to keep them stable, just like we want them to be, in a fat burning zone. Protein does the same thing. Along with giving us the building blocks we need for life and very important vitamins and minerals we need, namely Vit. B 12. Animal protein is the only place we can naturally ingest B 12. The other food group to eat is vegetables and here.

Here is a great video and article about only eating three meals a day and the benefits of doing so. Both talk about how important it is to stabilize blood sugar and how to do this. Along with the tips I have given. Of course there are always going to be exceptions to the norm, but this is very few and far between. Not the norm like they would like us to believe.

Saving the World One Stick of Butter at a Time!
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