Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training Idea

We began talking about HITT training the other day, so let us continue and I will give you another workout, the one I did today.
  The reason the training which you have been taught, do 30-60 minutes of cardo three times a week, even five times a week. Then after this, do some abs exercises and some boring weight workout that you rest in between every exercises and do not push yourself. The problem with all of this is It Does Not Work! If you have been doing this for some time, you know. You have been doing everything they tell you for weeks now, decreasing your calories to nothing and starving and then doing the latest workout you saw in some magazine, all to no avail. They want you to stay fat and over weight. You see if you lose the weight and get into great shape for good, they lose money. You do not need more of all their "ideas" and latest and greatest. You just need good hard body weight workouts with sound nutrition.
  The reason HIIT training works so well, is how hard you are training. By doing this type of workout, you will raise and lower you heart rate. How do you this? This is done by mixing heart bounding exercises along with isometric holds, then resting in between sets. For each set you do, you push as hard as you can, giving it everything. By the time you are finished, you should be sweating and your muscles tired and shaking. You know you got in a great workout then! With raising and lowering you heart rate like this, you will burn an enormous amount of calories and burning fat, most importantly. It goes beyond calories in calories out, it is more about burning fat and HIIT training will do this. 
   This is why you do not need to waste your time doing cardio work outs, it is done right along with your training. By doing heart pounding exercises you are increasing your heart rate, then by doing an isometric hold you will bring it done, this burns fat. Work outs can be finished in 10-30 minutes instead of the hours you are told to do.
  Here is another example of a heart pounding, sweaty work out. Just so you know though, you might not like me very much while you are doing this. You will be calling my every name in the book. But, once you begin to see results and the body you have always wanted, begins to come through, you will love me!

20 jump squats onto a block
15 step up with a leg raise on each leg
12 planks with side lateral raises, each side
10 single leg Romanian dead lift, each side
10 stability ball knee tuck twists on each side
30 second plank hold with my feet on the block from my jump squats.

Planks with a lateral raise, I kind of made up on my own. Since destroying my wrist, I have very limited rang motion. I can not be in a prone position, this is the position for a push up. I have done push ups with lateral raises and they are a great killer core and upper body workout. Because I can not do them, I modified them so I can get some of the benefits of this exercise. How you do it:
Start in a plank position  on your elbows and toes.
Then lift one arm and twist all the way over until you are side ways, a side plank with your hand raised. Be sure to hold your core tight as well as you shoulder so you do not go past vertical. Hold briefly. 
Lower back to the plank position and repeat on the other side.

If you want the exercise to be either easier because you are just starting or harder, here are ways to do each. I will begin with the easier version and then put the harder one right after.

Jump squats up onto a block:
Easy, instead of jumping up onto a block, just jump straight up into the air as high as you can.
Harder, use a higher block

Step ups:
Easier, do not do the leg raise on the top of the block.
Harder, add some weights, do an arm raise while stepping up, or with weights do the arm raise.

Planks with lateral raises:
Easier, do them on your knees.
Harder, you can add weights or you can first do a push up and then the lateral raise. With the push up, you can also do them with weights once you progress.

Single leg Romanian dead lift:
Easier, do not try to balance on one foot the entire time. Also, until you have the flexibility, do not go down as far.
Harder, add weights or if you are not ready for weight, but need something slightly harder, use a stablity ball.

Stability ball knee tuck twists:
Easier, do not go to the sides, just tuck your legs straight in front of you. Also, this is an exercise you need to work up to. If you can not do a plank on your toes and hold it with good form, do not do this exercise. It is very advanced. As a progressive move, you can do planks on the stability ball with out doing the tuck ins.
Harder, This move is already advanced, if you think it is too easy, add more repetitions. 

Plank hold with my feet on the block from my jump squats:
Easier, This is also a move which needs to be worked up to. Do not try this until you can hold a plank on your toes with proper form. For beginners, do your planks on the floor on your hands, if you can, with your knees on the floor. Once you can hold this with proper form and have the strength, move to doing it on your for arms, with knees on the floor. Then, progress to holding them on your hands up on your toes. Lastly, do them on your for arms on your toes. Once you have the strength, then begin trying them with your toes elevated, either on a block or a stability ball or with your arms on the block or ball. It is much more difficult with your toes elevated.

What you want to do is do one exercises right after the other. Do all six and then rest. This is a circuit and meant to get your heart up there and pumping. Try to do all of them one right after the other. Once they are finished, rest and then go again. How to time your rest period is by how you feel. Obviously, if you are just beginning, you will be very tired after one set, rest until you feel like you can go again and give it your all. You want your heart rate to come back down some as well. It will not come all the way back to your starting rate, but you do want it to come back to a comfortable rate and your breathing is more stable. If you if like you are sucking air, can hardly breath and your heart is still racing, you are not ready to begin another set. Eventually, you will want to rest for two minutes. Resting for two minutes is something you will have to work up to. Some one who can do this set, rest two minutes and then go again is in great shape. Take your time, listen to your body and work up to it.

Well, there you have it. A great fat burning workout. Try to do at least three sets and work up to doing four to five. Five sets is probably not necessary with so many exercises, but you are more than welcome to do that many if you would like. Enjoy!

Until next time,
In the Love of Christ,

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