Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Recipe Post, Squash Chips

We have a summer squash plant that has been a producing fen this summer, it is slowing down with the cooler fall weather. Anywho, what I decided to do with it instead of giving it away, was make chips out of it. I no longer like t eat corn chips because corn is not that healthy for us, can cause weight gain and the oils which are used cause heart disease and weight gain, not very good or enjoyable any longer. One of my favorite foods was chips and salsa. I still love salsa, especially my family's home made salsa or when Hublet makes fresh salsa, so I had to figure out something to do. I needed something to go with it, enter in the squash chips.

What I do:
I let my squash grow larger than if you were just going to cut it up and eat it.
I cut it into about 1/4 inch slices, or Hublet does for me when my wrist hurts so much that I can not, what a great Hublet I have!
I put some olive oil on them, not a lot, but enough to coat them.
Then I put what ever seasoning on I want on them. Sometimes I do sea salt, blackening seasoning, or different ones from a spice company we love called Penzyes. You can put whatever you would like on them. Try different things to see what you like.
I then place them in my food dehydrator Hublet gave me for my Birthday after we got married, I love my dehydrator and I highly recommend them. If you do not have a food dehydrator, you can use your oven. I would put it on the lowest setting you have and watch them to make sure they do not burn
I allow then to dry until they are crisp, I like the crunch and for them to be crispy enough to hold salsa on them, play with  them to see how long you like them done.
Once they are finished to your liking, place them in a storage container and you are finished.
Eat them either plan or with salsa, humus, as nachos, whatever you would like really!

I know you might be thinking they would not be very good. Trust me, they are. The first time I made them, Hublet told me to make them however I wanted because he probably would not eat them, they did not sound good. However, he told me, you make things that do not sound good at all and turn out to be delicious. But I will probably not eat them. The first batch I made, he ate the whole thing. Everyone else who has tried them, loves them. Give them a try before mocking them!

Know I can have chips and salsa whenever I want. Instead of corn chips, I have very healthy squash chips with all of the added benefits of vegetables!
You can do these with any type of squash you would like. You can also try them with yams, sweet potatoes or a regular potato if you would like. When it comes closer to Thanksgiving time, I want to try them with yams and sweet potatoes to see what they are like!
Go enjoy some healthy chips!
Until next time, in the love of Christ,

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