Monday, March 1, 2021

The Beauty of Simplicity, March's Challenge

I don't know about you, but there are many times I sit back and think to myself, I need to simplify. I have myself overwhelmed, over thinking, making a situation far more complicated than it needs to be, or "believing" the solution to a problem has to be extremely complicated for it to be the right one. Any one else? 

Instead of staying in this mindset of overcomplicating things, let's begin to make a mindset shift and improve our lives. Get out of the muck. 

Why do we over complicate things? I think we need to understand where it stems from for us to make a lasting change, mindset shift. I find we over complicate things for a couple of reasons: 
*if it is complicated, then it is too difficult to do. We like to complicate things so we don't have to do them. 
*not understanding something, lack of information automatically makes something complicated. *others tell us it is complicated, don't even try. 

Why do you over complicate things? Once we can understanf why we make things overly complicated, we can begin taking steps to improve. * we have to recognize we are overwhelmed, making things complicated. We have to ackonwldge the situation before we can change anything. 
* the pattern leading up to being overwhemled, over thinking. What happens before? 
* take a deep breath, maybe five or six. This helps calm the body down and gives our brains a chance to stop running, being crazy emotional and think logically. 
* once calmed down and out of our emotions, we can begin asking ourselves questions: 
    What are these emotions telling me? 
    Pointing out to me? 
    What is one step I can take to move forward?       
    What knowledge do I need to help me? 
    What support do I need? 

Pretty much without fail, the answer is to simplify. The simple, straightforward answer is the correct one. It is usually the most difficult as well, it is simple, effective, yet has to be implemented over a period of time, months, years, a lifetime. It is the monotony of life. 

For the month of March, we are going to explore different areas of our lives to begin the process of simplifying. Each week will present new challenges and ways to simplify. My hope, by the end of the month, we will be armed with effective tools to improve our lives. Hope you will join me! 

How do you complicate your life? 
What overwhelms you? 
How can you begin to simplify your life today? What is one, simple step you can take today?

Courage is a small voice.
It is not't I can't. It is how can I.
All the blessings to you

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