Monday, March 15, 2021

March Challenge: Simplicity in Exercise

 I am a workout junky.
A gym rat at heart.
I am a sucker for a great workout.
I have adrenal issues and CrossFit feeds those so does trail running. 
It brings great joy to my heart to workout, hard, heavy, crazy, long, I am willing to try most workouts at least once.

Do I think anyone else has to be as crazy as I am when it comes to workouts? No. Do I support everyone should be moving their body in some capacity to support their health, yes.

How do you decide what workouts are going to help you achieve your goals? 
You need to decide what your goal for fitness is and what you want to build within your body type. You need to be realistic with your goals and what you want to achieve. From there, you have to train for the body you want and your goals. Try different types of workouts, you might surprise yourself and find something you never thought you would enjoy. If you are not moving your body, begin. Walk out your door and and go for a walk.  

I am not the coach, trainer who tells you if you do these simple workouts 3 times a week you are going to build a body like mine. That simply is not the case. I have been working out and building my body for the last 35 years, I started gymnastics when I was 3. I have been CrossFitting for the last 7 plus years. I have a base of fitness from a lifetime of moving my body. 

With that said, it does not mean you cannot build a body you are proud of through working out. Those workouts can be simple, they can be complex, they can be anything you want. My 90 year old grandparents have started exercising, simple exercises appropriate for them, and they are healthier and stronger for moving their bodies, as simple as these exercises might be. If they can begin exercising, you can to. It is going to take time and aggressive patients to achieve your goals. This should be a lifetime goal, not short term.

At the base of it all is some simple fitness. You have to move the body to be healthy. Our genes expect a lot of frequent movement at a slow pace. Walking is beyond powerful for our health. Doesn't mean you should be afraid of lifting heavy objects, your body weight, because you should be able to. Our long term health requires us to do this. These workouts do not have to be complicated. They can be simple. Most of the time, the simple ones are the most effective. 

What it comes down to is moving your body frequently at a slow pace, lifting heaving objects, sprint once in awhile and be consistent with it for life. Decide within your body type what you want to achieve and begin a program to go after this. Track your progress through pictures, how you feel, your accomplishments. If you need any help, please reach out.

Find the exercise you enjoy and go for it!
Otto and I are off for a walk up the mountain.
All my best

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