Monday, July 15, 2013

July's Challenge, Agave

How have the last 2 weeks been with eliminating high fructose corn syrup? Has it been harder than you thought? What was the most difficult thing to give up? What was the craziest thing you found HFCS in?

Lets role on with this month's challenge.
This week's challenge is to eliminate man-made, processed, refined sugars. Things like:
Sweet and Low,
Ingredients ending in "ose" such as surcose, maltose, galactose, these are simple sugars and refined, mostly
Just about any food you find on a shelf is going to have some type of refined processed sugar in it. This is why we avoid the aisles and purchase single ingredient items. When purchasing foods with more than one ingredient, make sure everything in it is whole food and you know what it is.

If you watched the videos from my previous post, you will remember how bad processed sugars are for us, the weight gain, mood swings, heart issues, and on and on. If you have problems with energy levels, check to see what you are eating. If it is a lot of processed foods with refined sugars in them, this is the reason. Our bodies burn through the sugar quickly, then our blood sugar crashes and our brains send signals that it needs to be nourished and fast. You are hungry again two hours after eating. These peaks and troughs in blood sugar lead to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, weight gain, mood swings. low energy levels and the list goes on.
Man-made sugars, like aspartame, are even worse. They have all these symptoms plus even more, such as tumors, nerve damage, insomnia, head aches, rashes and list goes on. That "diet soda" is NOT good for you.
Agave might surprise you being on my list of sugars to avoid. It has been touted as so healthy for you and switch all of your sugars to this instead. Not so fast. Remember from the video talking about HFCS and what it does to your body? Well, agave has even more fructose in it. HFCS is about 50% fructose, agave is 70% or higher! It is also processed, not natural. Here is a good post about agave.

In the end, this month's challenge is really just about eating whole, real food!
Happy eating!
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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