Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Recipe, Asian Slow Cooker

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!! I hope and pray you were all able to have a blessed Christmas, finding peace and joy in the Baby Jesus. I also hope you were able to rest and rejuvenate yourselves.

For Today's recipe:
I threw this together one day about two three weeks ago. I had some beef I needed to use along with assorted veggies, so I through it all together. Hublet was not sure about it at first, but one bite and he was enjoying this tasty meal.

What you need:
Some type of beef, like a roast, stew meat, assorted pieces, or how long you are going to allow it to cook. For longer periods, use a thicker meat or a tougher meat. Shorter times, smaller thin peaces. The amount is more based on how many you are feeding and how you like meat, judge for yourself. Lamb would also be great in this recipe.
Yams or sweet potatoes
1 Can of coconut milk/cream
Moe Ploy Curry paste, this is the brand we like the most. If you like it hot, green, medium, red and no spice, yellow, I used about 1/4 cup or a little more.
Sea Salt
Black pepper

Cut all of the veggies up, any way you like, and place on the bottom of your slow cooker pot. Then place the meat on top, either cut or whole, sprinkled with the salt and pepper. Put the lid on and turn onto high temperate. In a small pot on the stove stop, mix the coconut milk/cream and curry paste together and bring to a simmer. Once the meat and veggies begin to smell fragrant, pour the curry mixture over the top. Stir and allow to cook. If you are going to leave it on all day, turn to low, otherwise leave it on high for a few hours, this is faster. Allow to cook until you have reached desired doneness of the meat and veggies. Enjoy!!!

Until next time,
In the Love of Baby Jesus,

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