Monday, January 9, 2012

Is It Your Personality Or Your Emotions?

There have been multiple times I have herd from people, I have to have things crazy, constantly busy, a lot going on, I am just a depressed person, I have anxiety, I am more prone to anxiety. Insert your excuse here, and then say, this is just my personality. Really? I am here to challenge this. I will come right out and say it, these types of things are NOT your personality! These are emotions. There is a difference between your personality and emotions. We are going to explore some of this in the next several posts. I do not want you to dismiss this because you think I am crazy, how dare I challenge you, that is my job as a health coach. I want you to take these things to heart and challenge yourself to grow.

One of the most prescribe medications today is anti-depresent/anti-anxiety meds. Why? Why is it that in the last 20-30 years we all of a sudden can not coup with life? These medications are handed out like candy. Everyone is depressed, everyone has anxiety, so we live on this suppressant type of drug that dumb us from life, that rob us from life. You go to the doctor and say you are struggling, you are depressed, anxious and the first thing they do is hand you a script for medication, without getting to the root of the problem and truly seeing if you are depressed or have anxiety. I am not saying there are not times when we experience depression, it is a normal human EMOTION to experience. We should be able to go through this difficult time and then come out of the depression. The same is true for anxiety. I am also not saying there are not people out there who have true chemical imbalances, who are clinically depressed, bipolar or any of the other physiological disorders and need medication. These pots are not geared towards these people. However, this is NOT the largest majority of the population. This brings us to the question again, why are SO many people on these medications?

We do not know how to deal with our emotions. We are struggling, doctors do not know how to deal with it, do not have the time to get to the root of the problem. So the easiest thing to do, is give an anti-depresent. Most of the time, the root problem is our emotions and not dealing with them. We stuff them saying we do not have time to deal with this or we do not want to deal with something because of the nature. Or whatever it is you do to not deal with your emotions. I am here to tell you, your emotions HAVE to come out somehow. Thus, your being depressed, anxious, having to have chaos, not being able to handle things, insomnia, whatever you "thing" is you are justify as saying is your personality. It is not your personality, it is undealt with emotions, stress. I have heard of people having migraines and thriving on chaos. They learn they were sexually abused as a child, go through the process of actually dealing with it and whoa la, no more migraines or needing chaos. Undealt with emotion.

I want you to take some time, alone time for you, and ask yourself the hard question, is this REALLY my personality or are there emotions I need to deal with? Take this to prayer, meditation, journaling, whatever it is you do. I want you to be completely honest with yourself in answering this question. If you are not, you are only hurting yourself. Being able to admit this is not your personality and realizing you have undealt with emotions is the first step towards healing. If we cannot admit this or come to the realization these are emotions, we will not ever be able to heal and move forward.

I know this is difficult and not something we like to do or is comfortable. It is easier to say it is our personality than to actually have to confront the problem. But, we need too. I promise, it is healing and freeing. Take the hard step and ask yourself the hard question.

I am here with you. I am willing to walk this difficult path with you. I know you can do it!
To freedom and health!
God bless,

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