Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturated Fat

In the previews two posts, I discussed cholesterol with mentioning saturated fat here and there. Today, I would like to discus saturated fat in more detail. If you read the last two posts, I am sure you already have an idea of my thoughts on saturated fat, it is wonderful for you and we need to be eating more of it. If you have not read those two posts, I would suggest reading them first.
 Let us begin with some of the health benefits of saturated fat: it can lower total serum cholesterol levels, increase immune system, raise good HDL, it is essential to cellular health, protect your heart, help prevent strokes, we need less of the essential fatty acids, like omega 3 and 6, and many more benefits that we probably have no clue exist yet. We tend to only study the bad parts about saturated fat, at least that is all we hear about it. Those who study the health benefits of this important nutrient cannot find any support in the CDT, common death trap. They want us to fear this vital nutrient so they can keep us sick and make money.
 Who would have thought that by eating saturated fat and cholesterol we could lower our total serum cholesterol levels. This is true. I know it sounds oxymoronic because this is not what we are taught, however when you begin to understand what is happening in the body you begin to understand why this is true. More importantly  it will begin to make intuitive sense. The main jest of it has to do with our body's being able to produce so much cholesterol. Our bodies can make more cholesterol than we could consume in a day! When we eat cholesterol and saturated fat our body's do not have to make so much, because we are consuming it from other animal sources. Our body's our receiving the life sustaining nutrients they need to function and thrive. Remember everything our bodies need cholesterol for. Saturated fat also helps to normalize cholesterol levels. If our cholesterol is too high or too low, eating saturated fat will help to stabilize it and bring it to normal levels for your body. No two bodies are the same. You may need very high levels of cholesterol for your body to function, whereas someone else may need lower levels. It is not a one size fits all like they want you to believe. If you have very high levels of cholesterol, something could be happening in the body that needs to be addressed. Cholesterol helps to protect the body and heal it. If you have high levels, do not think it is bad and trying lowering them. Look further to find the main cause of your high cholesterol levels and fix that. We need to being looking for the root cause of health issues and not mask them, high cholesterol being a perfect example. Once the real problem is resolved, your cholesterol levels will return to their normal levels. In another post will look at a better way to determine your risk for heart disease and how to tell if your cholesterol levels are in a healthy range.
 Another important component of saturated fat is its structure. We will not get deep into the biochemistry of saturated fat, just know it is important and the basics. It tends to be a straight molecule, this is why it is solid or semisold at room temperature. This allows all of the available carbon bonds to be occupied by a hydrogen, making it stable. When cooking with high temperatures it is best to use something like coconut oil or butter, a saturated fat, so it does not go rancid, forming dangerous free radicals, which cause illness. Something like olive oil is not stable at high temperatures because of its chemical structure making them very harmful to cook with. The bonds can break and change in structure with high heat, this makes them unstable and causes dangerous free radicals. You may think you are being more health conscious and protecting your heart if you cook with olive oil, in reality you are killing yourself due to its instability. Switch to butter, lard or coconut oil.
 One of the best sources of saturated fat is coconut in general with coconut oil being very high in saturated fat. Most people will not eat coconut oil due to it's high levels of saturated fat. As we have seen, saturated fat is not an enemy and better for cooking with high temperatures. Coconuts main source of saturated fat, yes there are different types, is medium chain fatty acids, MCFAs. The beauty of these is your body does not have to break them down, longer ones you do. Because this is the case, your body can use coconut oil as pure energy. When you hit that afternoon lull, instead of reaching for a sugar laden pastry turn to coconut oil. This will give you quick energy and lasting energy. It is not like a sugar high which you crash from. It is a longer sustaining energy as well as keeping you full longer, weight lose anyone. Other benefits of coconut oil is it's lauric acid. This type of acid has been proven to be antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This will help to protect and strengthen your immune system. When you begin to feel sick, reach for the coconut oil. Or if you are like me, you eat some everyday anyway and sickness stays at bay. If I do feel like I have something coming on, I will take a few extra tablespoons of it throughout the day. But, what about the saturated fat? It is stable, heart healthy, has nothing to do with heart disease, keeps you full, is tasty, is a vital nutrient for every cell in your body.
What you have to do is ask yourself: What about the cultures who have lived before us who ate 80% of their diets from animal fats and did not have heart disease. Or the cultures who still do this today. Is all of the animal fat really as bad for us as they claim today or do we really need to take a step back and look at what real health is? I can not make you believe cholesterol or saturated fat are healthy for you. You need to do your own research and thinking and decide for yourself what real health is. I can tell you until I am blue in the face how healthy these fats are for you and that you absolutely need them, but until you decide this, there is nothing I can do. You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink. Through this blog, I am hoping to plant seeds and have you begin to question the CDT to be able to return to health.
In the love of Christ,

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