Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cholesterol, What Happened?

 Recall, it was in 1924 that the rabbit study was done, which first began to villainize cholesterol. It was after WW II when things really began to heat up. This is when the infamous Framingham, Massachusetts study was begun. From here, the work of Ancel Keys, the father of the lipid hypothesis, was able to go from supporters to the National Cholesterol Education Program.
 Famingham Mass. Study. This study began in 1948 and included two-thirds of the adult population of Farmingham Mass. There were some interesting findings from this long study. It was conducted for more than 30 years. However, most of it was not ever published, at least not the what the researches really found. You see, everything had to be politically correct. A statement saying for 1 mg/dl drop in total cholesterol, there was and 11% increase in dying from heart disease as you age. What they found is you want your cholesterol to go up as you age, not down. What was published, in 1990 in the journal Circulation was a 1%decrease in cholesterol related to a 2% reduced risk of heart disease. I hope you are asking, WHAT? That is not what they found. This fabrication of science happens all the time. This is not the first time it has happened, nor will it be the last either. In the end, the most interesting peace of information which came from this study was put out 40 years later when the director of the study admitted in the Archives of Internal Medicine that those who ate the most saturated fat, cholesterol and calories the lower their serum cholesterol was. These same people also weighed the least and were the most physically active. Wow! Doesn't that make you want to go against everything we have been preached to for years? I guess all that cholesterol and saturated fat is good for you after all.
 Ancel Keys had something similar to say in Eating Well. He said we have known all along that there is no connection between cholesterol in food and in our bodies. Yes, I did say he is the father of the lipid hypothesis. Keys is also the one who came up with American version of the Mediterranean diet. Fruits and veggs, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts, seeds, fish and sea food, eggs poultry, low fat cheese, yogurt, and then meat and sweet with wine. Eventually, he came around to realizing this is not what they eat. He needed to because he finally realized cholesterol was not enemy number 1 to heart health. This his staetment.
 If what we believe is the Mediterranean diet and it is not, then what is the diet, what do they really eat? If you have ever been there or seen the real meal plan, it will look similar to what I eat, lots of animal fats. Eggs, fish, meat, butter, cream, lard, full fat cheese, vegges and wine are consumed on a daily bases. Some fruit, real whole grains and the occasional sugar is consumed sparingly. Significantly different from what Keys fulled the American public into believing.
 Is there any claim this is better for you, a real Mediterranean diet? Actually, there is. After WWII when Americans began this fear of cholesterol and saturated fat and began not eating this healthy foods, heart disease began to ski rocket here. It quickly became the number one killer. Our diets began to consist of more sugar from grains and trans fats along with hydrogenated oils from vegetables. This trend has continued to the present day and heart disease is still the number one killer. When Americans began eating "low fat" the people of the Mediterrean areas had more money after WWII. What did they do? Well, they began to eat more animal fat, their diet they were used to eating. They had the money to begin enjoying real food again, the full fat rich foods of their culture. What was the difference, heart disease dropped by about 20%. The difference, they were eating full fat foods and not the sugars or low fat along with the trans fat, hydrogenated oils. We do not hear about these trends, or what these people really eat. The higher powers do not want us to know about this. If we eat the way they tell us too, they make more money from treating everyone for heart disease along with all the other disease which come from the American diet and way of life. If we began to eat the way we were meant too, there would not be as much sickness in the U.S. and therefor less money being made by the higher powers.
 If this has not been enough to get you thinking and questioning, how about another example. Let us take a look at Dr. Paul Dudley White. You might recognize his name, he was the doctor for President Eisenhower. When Dr. White graduated from medical school in 1911 he had never heard of a heart attack before! The first paper was not written on it until 1912. When he introduced the electrocardiograph at Harvard, his colleagues thought he was crazy and should be using his knowledge to further something of relevance, something which would make money. At the time there were not enough people in the entire U.S. to test the electrocardiograph  heart disease was that rare! Little did they know, Dr. White was giving something to future generations to save their lives. It has been documented that between 1930 and 1970, the time Dr. White was practicing, death by heart disease had increased by 1000%. What changed? People were no longer eating animal fat, they were eating grains and vegetable oils. We should all be grateful to Dr. White for his ingenuity. What he has given us has saved many a life.
 Why are we still claiming heart disease is caused by animal fat, cholesterol and saturated fat in particular? Is there not enough evidence, with the few things I have shared here along with countless other studies, to make the public and the CDT, common death trap, to realize they are killing us by telling us to not eat animal fat? Remember though, it all goes back to money. There is more money to be made when you eat all of the processed foods, grains and vegetable oils. Also when you are taking multiple medications for high cholesterol, other heart problems and all the other medications you take. They do not want you to know this. Now you do! They do not want you to know that if you want to prevent heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and so many other diseases of today, eat animal fat. Go back to our old ways of living like in the 1800's, lots of animal fat and little stress.
 If you would like more information on any of this or more studies a few great books are: The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid. This is a long book, however you can pick it up and read a chapter or two that interest you. You do not need to read the whole book or previous chapters to understand another chapter. Another is Politically Incorrect Nutrition by Michael Barbee. This is a shorter book and very easy to read, it will blow your mind. Eat Fat Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon should also be on your shelf.
 I hope I have opened your eyes to the wool that has been pulled over them. Hopefully this will give you some ambition to begin asking questions and not be afraid to be the one in charge of your own health. To not be a victim and easy prey for the wolves out there who want you sick and your money.
In the love of Christ!

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