Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Why Insulin is Important for Nutrient Absorption

A recap from last week, when insulin levels are high or low, we are stressing the body, causing it to be in fight or flight. High insulin is fat storage signal to the body. More specifically, when we are consuming more sources of sugar from carbohydrates or other sugar forms than we are able to burn and use in the cells, the excess is converted to fat and stored on the body. Locked and trapped away by these high levels. When insulin is low, our bodies send signals of distress needing to raise those insulin levels causing a host of issues. These are not good times for the body. Who wants to live in a raging ocean all the time?

Today we are going to discuss another role of insulin, signaling the cell to intake nutrients.

Insulin signals our cells to intake amino acids, the basics building blocks of protein, and fat into the liver and muscle cells. These are needed in the cell to do the work of creating you, your body, muscles, organs, energy and so much more. Absolutely important for these nutrients to enter the cell and insulin helps facilitate this. Like I said in last weeks post, we need insulin, can't live without it. It is the excess we have flowing throughout the body because of glucose causing the issues.  

As you can imagine, if one way our nutrients are brought into our cells and our cells cannot hear insulin's signal from our cells being full of glucose or an over whelming amount of insulin constantly knocking on the door of the cells, our cells can't function like they should. You could be hitting your protein goals of eating your body weight in ounces or more every day. If that protein cannot get into the cell and be used for growth and repair your diligence in hitting the protein numbers is diminished. Not waisted but doesn't have the full impact it could have by being insulin sensitive, your cells can hear and respond to insulin's call. Insulin resistance is a source of  cell malnourishment. 

Another important aspect of insulin and our cells is division and growth. Insulin plays a role in telling cells to divide and grow. Important for a growing child but not so good when we are talking about cancer. Having cells go through their natural life cycle is normal and important, a whole new you is created about every seven years! We need cells that are sick and not functioning well to be signaled to die, apoptosis. This is important for our overall health and longevity. However, when those cells are out of control dividing and growing we have a problem on our hands. Not all cancers or tumors are caused by insulin and feed with sugar, it is something to be aware of. Another reason it is important to have stable insulin, lesson our risks for cells to divide and grow rapidly. 

Here is a more in-depth article on inulin and blood sugar. I promise you will be able to understand it!

Where your mitochondria go your health goes.

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