Monday, July 18, 2016

Next Up, Side Plank

Let's add some variation to our planking, because there is more to planking than the basic plank!
The pics above are a side plank. These place more emphasis on the obliques, the muscles on your sides. You have external and internal oblique muscles, planks will target both, always a good thing. These muscles help keep your core stable, protecting your spine. They also help with the twisting, flexing and bending of the torso.

The top one, is the hardest version. Legs straight, squeeze your glutes, shoulder and chest and most importantly, your abs, especially your obliques. The second picture is with the knees on the ground, still difficult and will work your abs and obliques, this is a good place to begin. Remember, no excuses for not participating in this challenge! Pick one and give it a go.

You can do just these side planks or combine them with the basics plank, as we did last week.
Hold on each side for equal times, keep symmetry.
You can perform them on your elbow, as I am doing, or on your hand.
You can also put your other hand on your hip, straight up or whatever you like.
You can even put your top leg up in the air, not resting it on your other leg, this will make it even harder.

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