Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why Are You Doing This?

How are things going for you for the challenge thus far? I hope you have found some new recipes you can enjoy.

I think this is a really great time to check in with yourself and ask why are you truly doing this challenge? Why do you want to lose weight, get into shape, become healthier? What is your motivation for wanting to make a lifestyle change? Making a lifestyle change is very difficult, it takes perseverance, commitment, time, but if you do not keep in mind why you are making these changes, it will make it to easy to fall off the wagon. Instead saying, I will start again tomorrow. This is not worth the struggle and what it takes to make all these changes.

If you do not have a clear reason as to why or a reason that is important enough to you, making the changes will not be important. It is too easy to give up.

Take the time to check in with yourself. Ask the hard questions, how important is this to you? If you do not change, what difference will it make, if any? What obstacles are you willing to face and push through to reach your goals? Recommit to yourself, to your goals, and push forward to reach what you want.

Here are this weeks recipes:
17 different grilled chicken ideas
Spicy pineapple chicken skewers
Garlic herb potatoes
Tomato cucumber avocado salad

If you missed last weeks recipe list, here it is!

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