Monday, December 15, 2014

Goals vs Dreams

My Kauai trip inspiring dreams
We live in a very goal oriented world today, you have to have goals, make goals, how to be successful with your goals, you will only be successful if you have goals, goal books, goal talks, goal this, goal that. I am not saying goals are bad or something we do not need, they can be a very good thing. Goals can keep us on task, moving forward, give direction, keep us motivated to push through the hard times. The down side of goals, to me, is there is no heart. A goal can be very cold. Anyone can give us a goal we need to finish, a task. A goal can be obtained, however you are not moved towards becoming a better person. It was only something to check off your to-do list.

A dream is who you are.
A dream is personal.
A dream is something you want to accomplish and complete.
A dream changes you.
A dream is inspirational.
A dream changes the world.
Dreams are fluid, they change as we grow.

What are the dreams for your life? Do you dream?

Just as with a goal that is large, most dreams are big life events and you need to chunk it down into bit size pieces so you can accomplish it. Once you have your dreams, what steps do you need to take to accomplish them? How do you make your dream a reality?

Do you and your spouse/significant other, have dreams? Do you spend time talking about your dreams? Do you support one another in your different dreams? Not all of our dreams are going to be the same, we are different people.

Do you dream in all areas of your life, personal, family, career, physically, nutrition and health, finances, traveling, education, this is just a small sample of ideas to dream in.

Do not be afraid to dream and be even less afraid to go after your dreams.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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