Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your Relationship with the Scale

If I asked you how much you weighed, could you rattle that number off without a second thought?
If I asked you when was the last time you weighed yourself, when was it?
Do you rely on the scale for your progress?
How many times a day/week do you weigh yourself?
Do you have a predetermined weight you think you need to be? If so, why? What is this number based on? How did you come up with it?

Most of these I would be able to answer no on. You see, I broke my scale habit some time ago. Not that I ever weighed myself much, because I did not. But, I did think I had a weight I needed to be. This was from hearing others talk about their weight and what they wanted theirs to be. This number would make me worthy, beautiful, successful, or so I thought. This number I decided on would not have been healthy for me and the pursuit of it would have been devastating. Luckily, I did not go much further with the scale issues, weighing myself constantly, making it my end all be all and doing whatever it took to be this weight or base my worth on the number. Through the years, I have learned the scale is a really bad way to measure my success and to base myself worth on. I could not tell you how much I weigh.

The last time I was weighed was about a month ago, went to the docs. I could not tell you what the number was, because I did not look, do not care. The last time I actually looked at the number was six months ago? I am sure in that time, the number has gone up with all of the crossfitting I have been doing and lifting. Do I care, nope. I know I am stronger, healthier and love my life.

The number on the scale is arbitrary for most people.
It does not tell you how much muscle you have, muscle to fat ratios.
If you are working out, you should be gaining muscle and losing fat, the scale is not going to tell you if this is happening.
The number does not mean you are becoming healthier, sicker, more or less beautiful, worthy, on the right track for health. Really, in the end, it is a number that does not tell us much. Yes, in very few cases, it can give us vital information regarding your health, but that is few cases.

Far too many base their success on this number. Everything is wrapped up in it and when that scale does not say what they want, there is no success.

If this is you, maybe you need to have a break up with your scale. Through your scale away and in it's place put a sticky note, with a positive mantra. You are welcome to use any of mine or come up with your own.
"I am worth more than the number on the scale."
"The number does not equal success."
"I am becoming healthy by nourishing my body with healthy foods."
"I am beautiful."
"I am strong."

Here are some better ways to understand progress:
Pictures, take before and after's.
The mirror, do you like what you are seeing, do you notice the changes?
How does your spouse, significant other, family or friends say you look?
Are you lifting heavier in the gym, if this is what you want?
Has your endurance improved?
Do you have more energy?
Are you sleeping better?
How are your clothes fitting?

If this is a deep struggle for you, do not be afraid to seek help to unravel your struggles with your worth and weight.

You are worth more than that number on the scale.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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