Monday, December 9, 2013

Joy Comes Through the Eye of a Child

My joy and anticipation to Christmas is growing everyday. Being more conscious of increasing joy in my life has made me think about daily actives differently, but also in helping others to have a joyous Christmas. How are things for you? Is your joy increasing? I sure hope so. I guess if not, then listen to this flash mob song from the United Sates Air Force Band play a rendition of Joy to the World. Christmas music always brings joy to my heart as well as our military. Perfect combo.

If that does not work either, maybe this will. Remember those traditions your family did when you were growing up? Maybe you did not like them, maybe it is what made Christmas for you, maybe it was your's and your siblings tradition, maybe you did not understand why you had to do them? Bring one of those traditions back this Christmas. Take some time to reflect on this tradition, why it was important to you or your family, remember the joy it brought you as a child. Being older, how could bringing this back bring more joy to your life? What does it mean to you know?

My two favorite traditions growing up were decorating the Christmas tree. When the tree went up, that meant Christmas was near! We always did it as a family, something warm to drink, my two brothers and I battling over whose ornaments were in the front, who's ornaments were who's, the fun sibling stuff. Every year we also received a new ornament, my Mom still keeps this up for us.
The other one was going to midnight Mass, once we were older. There is something so special about this Mass. As a bonus, my Mom would make me a dress every year for Christmas. We would take a day, go pattern and material shopping and just spend time together. Many time she was still sewing my dress Christmas Eve, she would come down to the wire, part of the memories. Those are a few of my favorite memories. What are some of yours?

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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