Monday, November 25, 2013

Sleep and Weight Lose

One of the best ways to guarantee great sleep, go on vacation! Works like a charm. I just spent a week in Sedona Az. with my Hublet, it was awesome! If you ever have a chance, I suggest going.

Besides needing sleep and feeling better when we sleep enough, another great reason to hit the sack is weight lose. Have you ever noticed when you do not sleep well you crave sugary foods, simple carbs, caffeine, donuts, pastries, whatever your craving might be of a quick fix? Your brain is telling you it did not get enough sleep and therefor needs simple and easy foods to help it work and "function". This is all done through complex hormones. Two of those, which you might have heard of, are leptin and ghrelin. These two work together to help us feel hungry and full. Leptin is produced in fat cells and sends signals to the brain saying you are full. While ghrelin is produced in the stomach and signals hunger.

What is up with sleep? I generally do not eat while I am sleeping Jenn? Great question, I am happy you asked.

When we do not have good quality sleep, our bodies produce more ghrelin, hunger stimulator, wanting simple easy foods to stay awake and alert. Conversely, leptin levels go down with lack of sleep, meaning you do not as satisfied after eating, you want more food and more often. All this combined sets up the stage for over eating and mostly all the wrong foods which equates to weight gain.

Try it out. When you are sleep deprived, take note of what types of foods you crave and gravitate towards eating. Then, for several days, sleep ample amounts. You should notice your cravings for simple, sugary, starchy foods and caffeine goes down. You will also have a more stable mood and will feel better, not only from more sleep, but also the food choices and other hormones balancing from both the sleep and better food.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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