Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October's Is About Moving

This is how I am moving!

How is moving more going for you? Did you try doing any of the basics movements from the video?
Did you try the workout? I sure hope you have at least tried.

Today we are going to talk about moving more frequently and over training. Let's begin.

Our bodies were designed to move, to be going from place to place, hunting and gathering food, playing and enjoying our lives. But in modern society, we spend most of our time on our butt's. This is killing us. I am sure you have heard this already, but we need to hear it again and again. Our bodies need to move. Movement helps move the blood and oxygen, brings nutrients and takes the bad stuff out, stabilize blood sugar, improves mood, the list goes on and on. The movement we need to be doing is frequent, low intensity type moving. Going for a walk daily, standing when we are talking on the phone, taking the stairs, for no reason other than moving, stand up and do 10 squats, it is about frequently moving the body, slowly. If you watch children playing, not sitting in front of some electronic device, you will see them be still for a time, then move sometimes fast and sometimes slowly. This is the more natural way of movement and what we are needing to incorporate into our lives to be healthier.
Make a commitment to yourself to move your body more.

As important as moving is, we do have to watch for symptoms of over training, which causes significant amounts of stress in the body. Over training is not going to be caused from moving like we talked about above. This is caused from excessive amounts of training.

Some symptoms of over training:
  • fatigue
  • inability to recover
  • not seeing the results you are looking for
  • insomnia
  • low sex drive
  • hormone in balances
  • irritability 
  • not able to complete workouts
  • soar muscles that just do not ever seem to improve 
  • working out hard every day
If you are experiencing some of the symptoms, you might want to think about resting for several days. If you begin to feel better, than over training is probably what is going on. Take a week or two or three off and then go back. Once you begin training again, if you experience any of these symptoms again with in the first week, take more time off until these symptoms subside. Begin concentrating on more frequent slow movement instead of hard training. Keep the hard stuff to 2-3 times a week for short duration, about 20 minutes a time will do just nicely. By doing this, you will lesson your chances of over training. Also, be sure to have scheduled into your program periods of rest. 

Go forth and move.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God's abundant blessings,
A VERY HAPPY Otto running 

Adorable Mungo Happy to be hiking

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