Monday, October 21, 2013

October Moving, Do You Lift Heavy?

I know as of late, this photo has been all the rage and focus of much attention. Before we get into today's post, I thought I would give you my few thoughts regarding this Mom, Maria, who you can find on FB here.
Wow, to achieve what she achieved with three little ones, two business, and everything else she has in here life is simply amazing. Here is the thing, she has obstacles just like the rest of us do. We all have situations in our lives we could easily uses as excuses, but rationalize them in our heads to be very solid "reasons" as to why we cannot do something, anything, whatever it is. The difference between this amazing mom and those who choose to allow their excuses to be their driving force and the reason "Why they cannot do something" is, she does not allow herself to have those excuses. She knows what is going on in her life and worked around it, over it, through it, under it, she did not allow herself excuses. She makes time for herself, heart, mind, body and soul. Things we all need and should be doing. Stop allowing yourself to use excuses. Figure out a way around them, be bigger than your problems.
If her picture and question invoke such feelings of hatred and anger for someone you do not even know, it is a simple picture with a simple question, I think you need to take a hug step back and ask yourself a few questions.
1. Why am I SO angry at someone I do not even know?
2. Why am I taking my anger out on her?
3. What is it that struck a cord SO deep within myself that I feel hatred, hanger, hostility towards this woman?
4. Did she make you face reality SO strongly, you want to take it out on her, but you are actually angry with yourself for what you have done to yourself, the excuses you have allowed to become your reality?
5. Maybe you need to seek some help to over come your own deep anger and hatred of yourself so you do not take it out on someone you do not know and is trying to be an inspiration.
6. You are the one who allows yourself to feel inferior to anyone else. No one can do this too you. Take responsibility for you and why you are giving this power to someone else. Take it back.

For women, we need to stop destroying one another, being our own worst nightmares. Instead, we need to build each other up, support one another, be there for one another through the amazing achievements and the struggles.Stop destroying one another.
For everyone, if you would not say something to someone in person, refrain from saying it in writing, whatever form that may take.

Onto today's scheduled post. Do you lift heavy? If you do not, you should. Here are some reasons why:
build muscle
improve joints
strengthen bones
have the ability to take yourself or someone else out of a dangerous situation
make everyday life easier
faster workouts

You might be thinking this is crazy, considering I have been talking all about body weight training. Well, body weight training is also a form of lifting heavy. Do you have the strength to do a pull up? A push up? Can you jump knee height, hip height? These are all fantastic forms of body weight training that are very difficult to accomplish. In fact, pull ups and push ups are considered to be some of the hardest exercises to do. When someone can do a pull up, heaven and earth will know about it.

Along with our regular body weight exercises, it is good to add in some extra weight, to push ourselves, strengthen and build muscle and bones. This is extremely important for us as women. As we age, we lose muscle and bone, equating to more fractures. An easy way to prevent this is adding in some weight bearing exercises along with some heavy things.

Heavy lifting can be as simple as carrying the laundry basket, your groceries, carrying as many grocery bags as you can at once, picking up anything and moving it around your house. Or, you can add weight to your regular exercises. As much as you can handle, safely. One of my favorite ways to do this is, carry a bag of dog food up and down my stairs, I try to run. Then I do squats with said bag. This is a workout, total body, plus a fantastic cardio workout.

Do you need to add weight every set, every rep, every time you workout? No. One day a week add in heavy weights. The rest of the time, do body weight. You will begin to notice greater changes in your body and at a more rapid pace. We need muscle to build the physics, bodies, we want.

I know women are always afraid of heavy weights, they believe by lifting heavy they are going to look like a body builder. NOT true. To reach that state, takes years of heavy lifting and I mean HEAVY lifting, pushing protein like it was going out of style, supplements, and many are doing dangerous stuff. It might not be steroids or banned ingredients for competitions, but I still question the safety of what some women maybe taking. We as women also do not have enough testosterone to build mass amounts of muscle.
I have also heard, women should not lift more than 20 pounds. Really? How much does your toddler weigh, or your friends? What about the laundry basket full of heavy winter clothes? Bulk items you might purchase, that bag of dog food? You weigh more than 20 pounds. If you think about it, this is absurd. We lift more than 20 pounds in our every day lives. By following this, you are going to cause muscle and bone lose, which will cause osteoporosis later in life, resulting in more hip fractures and a mirrored of other health issues. PLEASE for the love of all that is good, stop listening to this lie. Women need to lift and heavy.

For anyone looking to build some bulk and more muscle with body weight, like a competitive gymnast, here is a great link with you in mind. Enjoy!

I believe I have gone on long enough for this post. Go out and lift heavy! Find a rock, or a child you can through around, ask permission first, but I am sure the kiddo with love it! Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God's many blessings,

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