Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Challenge: BEing Bored.....

The water fall and pond my Hublet put in. We love it!

Here we are at the beginning of another month. At least this time, we should be getting into cooler weather here in Utah. Yeah. I did notice yesterday while going for a run with my Hublet, that the leaves are beginning to change color. A very good sign that fall is near!

I am sure you are thinking I am crazy reading the title of this challenge? Yes, I am. Have you not figured that out yet? This month is about slowing down and being bored. I am not talking about being lazy and not getting anything done, but carving time out to just "BE". Slowing down from such an insane, fast past life and enjoying what you have around you.

One of the biggest things we hear today is: "I have to go out and find myself" I have to go and be crazy and try all this way out there stuff, things that could have dire consequences for you later life, to know who I am. We do not have to "go out to find ourselves", we need to go within to find ourselves. We have to go to the dark places, the demons we do not want to face, or acknowledge are there, be in silence, have time for our minds to just be and wonder in silence. This is how we find ourselves. But, if we are constantly going 100 MPH, have no time to stop and just be, how can we ever find ourselves? Then, we are told we have to go out and find ourselves, do all these stupid things, that is somehow how we are going to find our place in this world, our calling.

Stop believing the lie. Get off the train wreck that is barreling down the tracks to melt downs, not knowing who you, what you want out of this life, where your place is, confusion, self destruction, and whatever else is on that train. Stop believing you have to constantly be busy and going. Some how we have bought into thinking if we are not going all the time, in 10 different directions, we are some how lazy and not accomplishing anything. Really? Have you stopped to think what you are "accomplishing" on this crazy train? Are you accomplishing anything of value to yourself or those around you? Or are you just doing stuff because you have to be going all the time?

This month is about slowing down, enjoying the change of season, and finding out how to just BE.

The first week's challenge is to BE in silence for 10 minutes every day. This can mean being out side listening to the birds, the water fall, going for a walk in the changing woods, whatever you choose to do. But, what this does not mean is, NO electronics, NO cell phone, NO Electronics, NO one to speak with, No electronics, have I said that enough, silence. Turn everything off, including your brain of thinking about everything you need to do. This is time to just BE with yourself.

I know at first this will be difficult. But, in time you will come to enjoy this time alone. Time for your brain to decompress, wonder. You never know what great and amazing things you will come up with during these times. This is when I do all my best brain storming, when some of my best ideas have come, figuring things out.

Enjoy your time of BEing.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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