Monday, June 3, 2013

June's Challenge: Body Image

Learning to love ourselves 
June is already upon us, can you believe it?! That being said, it is warming up, the kiddos will be out of school, if they are not already and the summer months are upon us. Which is a great lead into our next challenge, Body Image Issues. The warmer it is, the less clothing we tend to wear, or maybe you are too self conscious of your body. This is a perfect time to begin working on the way you see yourself and begin to love yourself, inside and out. It is also a good break from food challenges.

Body image issues are rampant in today's society, nothing new. Ways of working on some of the "out of our control" issues, like magazines, TV adds, models, are dealt with by others. This is not one I am going to take up other than to say they are not out of our control. Do not purchase these. If it is magazines, clothing, watching the TV shows, whatever it is, do not give them your money. Money talks. If you stop purchasing, they are gong to change. More so than by saying they need to and how upset you are with their "ideal body" but you continue to buy. All that says to them, is you really do not mean it and they can keep going the way the are. Once the money stops, then there will be change.

I want to focus this month on how you see yourself. Begin working on loving yourself, not in some self centered, your better than everyone else way. True love of yourself. Because, until you truly love yourself, you cannot make lasting change. We have to love ourselves enough to change.

This first week's mini challenge, is to begin working on loving and accepting yourself from the inside out.

This is not going to take a week and all with be well and wonderful. This takes time, especially if you have not liked or even hated yourself for any length of time. This is a life long processes as we go through the different stages of life. As with any journey though, we have to begin somewhere. So, begin. It is really that simple.

Some ideas to help you start:

  • When you begin to talk/think negatively about yourself, stop the thoughts, comments and say three positive things about yourself. You have to recognize the behavior, stop it and then change it into something positive.
  • Limit your time looking at pictures of really fit, unnaturally skinny, photo shopped images. Even pages like Pintrest, can be bad. Scrolling through image after image of "perfect" in-shape bodies, and comparing yourself to them, wishing you had that body are damaging. This could be unhealthy for your body type and even for them. Remember it is about real health, not destroying your body
  • Begin removing the triggers that send you down of path of self hatred, body loathing and replace these with positives for you.
  • Enjoy the beauty around you.
  • Be around others who have self confidence and love of self. Being around others who constantly talk about how much they hate themselves or their body, will rub off on you. Share this challenge with them and all of you begin working on a better self image, or maybe it is time to find a new group of friends. 

These are just a few ideas. You know where you need the most "love of self". Take the time to reflect on where these emotions and feelings came from, other underlying factors and work through them. Until you work through the hurt and pain, you will walk the same path. I know you do not want to walk it any longer. Let change together.

Love yourself enough to change.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God's many blessings and Love,

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