Monday, June 24, 2013

June's Challenge" Accepting Ourselves

Can you believe it, we have come to the last week of June's Challenge, already. How time flies.

The last week's challenge for June is about leaning to accept ourselves, our bodies, who we are, what we have and stop making excuses. I do not mean this to be passive, my body will never change, I cannot get out of my situation, I will always be at the bottom, nothing good will happen, I do not need to do anything. This kind of attitude is not accepting ourselves, truly loving ourselves. This month we have been learning to love ourselves first so we can make the changes we need to to become healthy, in body and mind. In so doing, we also need to learn to accept ourselves, what we cannot change, but change what we can.

One of the things we see in people who have lost weight rapidly, through surgery of some type or have not learned to love themselves first before losing weight, is they continue to see themselves as the overweight person they were before. Yes they are healthier because they lost the weight. But, emotionally and mentally they are not any healthier than before. They did not learn to love themselves first, accept who they are and then make life style changes. Remember that the reason you  should be making the changes to a healthy lifestyle is to improve your health and life, not for fear or a stigma. Then as the weight comes off and/or physical changes happen in your body, you will be able to see yourself in a more positive light and enjoy your success.

It is also about not using excuses any longer such as:
  • I have the same body shape and build as one of my parents, and I cannot change that. Yes, we do tend to put on weight the same way our parents do and we look like them, that is what genes do. However, you inherited their eating and lifestyle habits, that is why you are over weight like them. Own your eating habits and choices. We can change the expression of our genetics by our food, environment and thoughts.
  • I do not have time. We have time for what we make time for.
  • I have an injury, bad knees, hips, back, arthritis, whatever it is. Unless you are a quadriplegic, you can move your body, of course, check with your doctor first. Movement is very good for us and helps keep joints moving and fluid and a better outlook on life. Also, if you change your eating habits and begin eating healthy, real food, you will lose weight, less pressure on the joints. By avoiding processed junk food that promotes inflammation,  you will have less inflammation in the body, which equates to less pain, stiffness and swelling.
  • I do not have the money. You might be on a very limited income, but that does not mean you cannot choose healthy food. If you are not buying the junk, pseudo food, you will have more money to buy healthy food. Purchase in season foods. Grow a garden. Most of the time, purchasing a larger quantity of meat from a local farmer will be cheaper than the grocery store. Look around for what is available, be resourceful. Also, when we eat whole foods, we are full for longer periods of time and need less because our body is being nourished. 
  • Input your excuse here.
All of our excuses are signs that we do not think we deserve to be healthy and live a good life. This shows we are settling and need to work on our self esteem.

It is about being as healthy as you can be for your body, not any one else. It is about enjoying what you have, not envious of what others have, they might be envious of you. Always striving to be a better person, not settling and accepting whatever, but remembering you are an amazing person who deserves to be healthy and happy.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
You have to love yourself first before you can make any lasting changes.
God's abundant blessing,

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