Thursday, May 2, 2013

May's Challenge: Building a Recipe Box

How did you do on last months challenge? Did you find it hard to eat more fat? Was is tastier than you expected? How do you feel adding in the healthy fat and taking out the bad? I hope you were able to notice a difference in your body, I sure did.

To take this idea of eating more healthy fat a step further, May's challenge is making at least ONE Primal, traditional, real, whole food, no pre-packaged, processed food, meal a week.

If you are already doing one meal a week, than try adding in another. Or, maybe try eliminating grains for the month. Where ever you are, take the next step to be eating real, whole food 80-90% of the time.

Challenge yourself to eat healthier and healthier because the better your food, the healthier you will be. What we eat, become who we are. So, if you are eating, processed, dead, pseudo food that is lacking in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, the building blocks for life, protein, how can you expect your body to function at the best? It cannot. When our food is lacking nutrients, we are lacking those same nutrients and then our bodies begin to fall apart. Disease, fatigue, not sleeping well, hormones not function properly, brain fog, depression, the list goes on.... For the thousands of reactions that take place in our bodies, we have to have the right chemicals to make it happen.

For example, if you were going to build something, we will keep it simple, say a table, and you do not have everything you need to make said table, it is not going to turn out well. What if you were missing nails or screws, something the hold all the boards in place? Maybe you have a few, but not enough to hold the table secure, it is not going to be able to support itself and will fall. How about the tools to build the table, like a hammer, screw driver, sand paper, a tape measure, it will make it very difficult to build that table wont it?

For us, the raw materials and tools to build our bodies, is the food we eat. When something is missing or not there, our bodies have to try and make due with what they have. The results can be devastating. The best way to make sure our bodies have everything they need so we can Thrive is, eating a nutrient, dense, rich diet of real, whole food.

Places to find these types of recipes:
Here, searching for Tuesday Recipes
Marks' Daily Apple
Paloe OMG
Wellness Mama
Chris Kresser
Nom Nom Paleo m
Civilized Caveman
Everyday Paleo

Between all of these sites, you will find enough recipes for months, even trying a new one everyday! I will post some of my favorites and new recipes I try. I might even put up a meal plan for the week so you have an idea of what I eat. Enjoy being adventurous!

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God's abundant blessing,

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