Monday, January 21, 2013

Changing Up Workouts

Working out is my drug, guess that is part of why I have gone into the profession I have gone into, personal training and holistic health/nutrition coaching. One of the things I do for my workouts is change them up frequently. We are going to talk about why this is important, especially for women. I am not leaving guys, they also need variety in their training, maybe not as much as women. God created us differently as men and women to fulfill different roles, which means we need to train differently. However, this post is geared towards the women and why our bodies adapt quickly to our training regimes. Guys can implement the ideas as well, or give them the women in their lives.

 As women, we need to be able to adapt and conserve energy as quickly as possible. We have other things to take care of that are more important and take significant amounts of energy. Things like having a healthy menstrual cycle every month. We need to have healthy cycles to have a healthy baby and keep us healthy. A healthy cycle is the best way to tell just how healthy a woman is.
We need to be able to grow a baby. Just ask any women who have been pregnant how much energy this takes. We will probably be pregnant and tending to other little ones at the same time during our lives. Continuing the specious is important  This takes significant amounts of energy and nutrients.
We need to be able to attend to our choirs of keeping a house clean, putting healthy food on the table, gardening all while doing everything else listed above.
Running around chasing kids, playing with them, keep them entertained, educating them, energy.
The list could go on and on and on. These are just some of the big energy requirements.

As you can see our bodies need to store as much energy as they can. Wasting energy on workouts is not something our bodies believe we need to do. Because of this, we adapt to workouts very quickly. Our bodies will burn more calories the first few weeks of a new workout and then slow down because they have figured out how to conserve energy. Does this sound familiar? You workout and see amazing changes in your body for several weeks and then it just does not change. The reason is your body has adapted, too many other important things to take care of than lose weight and build muscle.  We cannot erase millions of years of evolution, we need to learn to work with these adaptations. Enter in, changing up your workouts.

A note should be made here, I am not talking about becoming very lean and muscular,  getting into female triad syndrome. I am speaking about a healthy weight with good lean muscle mass.

One way to accomplish this is by changing up your workouts frequently, say every two to three weeks or so or when you begin to notice you are not making progress any longer. Keep your body guessing what is coming next.
Do this by:
   Changing what exercises you do at workouts.
   Changing speed of workouts.
   Go between body weight exercises and lifting heavy things.
   Add in sprint training.
   Allow your body proper rest between workouts, even taking a week off here and there when your body needs rest.
    If you have children, go play with them. They seem to naturally change what they are doing.

Give this a try and let me know what you think.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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