Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday: Doggy Days~Heat

Here in Utah, it is getting very hot, has been for a few weeks. I am not looking forward to July, August time if it is already in the 100's this early in June.

 That being said, I still have to make sure my two puppies, Mungo and Otto, get all of their exercise in without heat exhaustion. My two get a lot of exercise,. Hublet always says they have more exercise than most dogs so I should not feel bad when they do not get more! Which, being their Mommy I do. I have a Weim, they have more energy than you could ever give them exercise for, I do try. The heat makes things very challenging. If it is sunny and over about 60 degrees, it is already too hot for Mungo, my Scottie. This means we leave our house around 5:30 to 6 A.M.! If we do not leave this early, it is too hot and we try to beat the sun. If you think it is hot, imagine how hot it is when you are covered in fur? Always take precautions when it is hot out for both you and your puppies. Remember, dogs only sweat through their noise's and paws. They do not have the ability to sweat any other way so they can over heat very quickly. This also makes it hard for them to cook off. Have plenty of cool fresh water for them when you return home to help them cool down.

If they are not wanting to run and play, just allow them to sleep and be lazy. It is not called "the dog days of summer" for no reason. They know what is best for their bodies, better than we do in fact. Allow them to be dogs and listen to their bodies.

If they have to be out while you are gone, of course, be sure they have plenty of water, more than what you would normally gibe them. Some shade through out the entire day, specially the hottest parts of the day. When you arrive home, allow your puppy to come inside to cool off, if you can. They dislike the heat as much as we do, if not more.

Frozen treats are great! My two love ice. If you take ice out, you had better give a piece to both of them, or they will let you know you about it! Something else to try, mix their dry food with some pumpkin, if you feed dry, and then stuff it into a kong toy and freeze for a few hours. If you feed raw, you can either mix it with some pumpkin or just put it right into the toy. Once it has sat for awhile in the freezer, take out and feed to your doggy outside. There are many benefits to this as well. One it is cold and will help them cool off. Two it will keep them occupied for some time, it is forzen and they have to work to get the food out of the toy, using their brains. Which is another great benefit, they have to think and figure it out. Dogs need brain stimulation as well, not just exercise, this is a perfect way to accomplish this task for them, brain things.

Most of all it is about common sense. Try to keep your puppy happy and cool and enjoy the summer months with him!

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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