Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Recipe: Strawberries Marinated Pinot Vinegar

I love spring, when all the babies animals are born and the yummy fresh fruit! All a sign that God wants the world to go... I am a huge fan of fresh berries, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and loads of other healthy stuff, eat them is really what I am saying and enjoy.

At my local grocery story, they had strawberries on sale. After having many desserts with the strawberries, strawberries, fresh whipped cream, dark chocolate and a touch of honey, my brain began putting a recipe together, I also had this vinegar to use. Thus this was born!

What you need:
Strawberries- depending on how many you want and how many people you are making this for. For    the two of us, I think I did about a 2 cups.
1 tsp of raw honey, more if the strawberries are not sweet or you like things sweeter.
1TBS of Pinot Noir vinegar, any type of flavored vinegar will work or balsamic
A grind or two of sea salt
Cream for fresh whipped cream
Garnish with fresh mint, from your garden is the best

fresh strawberries from my garden

Mix the honey, vinegar and salt together and then cute the strawberries into bite sizes pieces, place in the mixture. Allow the marinade to sire for a few hours to overnight. The longer you allow the berries to sit, the more mushy they will become, I would not do more than 24 hours, but you do need several hours for marinating. If marinating for more than a few hours, place in the fridge and shake every so often.
Getting ready for their soak

After several hours of marinating 
Once ready, place the strawberries into your individual serving dishes with some of the liquid. Then pour cream into a bowel to whip, along with some of the liquid from the marinade. This made the cream very smooth and yummy. Whip the cream mixture to your liking. Place a nice big, huge, dollop of cream on the strawberries. If you want, you can also put some dark chocolate shaving on top, or chocolate chips. Serve and enjoy!

Due to the marinade, the cream will not stiffen as much

A note on the vinegar.
My wonderful Mommy gave me this Pinot Noir vinegar for my Birthday! It is from a company here in Utah, Mountain Town Olive Oil Company. There web page is: http://www.mountaintownoliveoil.com/
It is potent, vinegar after all, you do not need much. Play with the amounts to your liking, getting the flavor, but not over powering.

Hublet gave his stamp of approval! As it was marinating on the counter, he did not know what it was. He opened it to find out, then was tempted to use the mixture for a mixed drink, he thought it smelled so yummy. He refrained, but thought the dessert was delicious.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,


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