Monday, April 2, 2012

What I drink During A Workout

If you ask my Hublet how crazy my workout are, he would tell you they are insane. I ask him to do my workouts with me or I can tell him what I did. Then, he could do the workout the next time he workouts. He does not ever take me up on this offer. Huh....

Too hydrate my body during and after these crazy sweaty workouts, I do not drink plain water, crazy as it might sound. For me, water does not do the trick regardless of the amount. The reason being, when we are working out and sweating, it is not only fluid we are loosing, but also electrolytes. We also need to replenish our supply of these, like sodium and potassium. Our glucose levels need to be raised after a hard workout also.

For me, these are what work well:
The Vermont Method, Kombucha and raw milk after.

The Vermont Method again is:
Raw apply cider vinegar, with the mother
Raw honey
water, 8-16 oz.
Put it all into a glass, stir well and enjoy!
When I work out, I also will add some sea salt for the sodium lost due to sweat. The reason I enjoy this for working out is it's ability to quench my thirst, obviously. It also replaces lost electrolytes and can help raise your glucose levels that drop during a hard workout. For these reasons, it is also good to drink after a workout.

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage. To make kombucha,  you need a scoby. You can either purchase one or if you know someone who makes it, they might be willing to give you one of theirs. Fermented beverages give you loads of good healthy bacteria and quench your thirst better than most anything. When I make my kombucha, I like to put ginger in for the second fermentation. I really like ginger, the health benefits of ginger are unbelievable and it is great to help sore muscles or prevent sore muscles. An all around good thing to drink before, during, and after a hard workout.

Something new I have just started is kefirs, both milk and water. These are also fermented beverages and will have the same benefits in helping recovery from a workout. I have bought milk kefir before and I really enjoyed it. The health benefits of live culters are second to none. One of the best ways to help prevent becoming sick. Trust me, it works. Even with the severity of the flue season this, I have not gotten sick, felt amazing all season. My Hublet even got it and I took care of him and did not get sick. Better than any flu shot. Anywho, I found a company called Culters for Health and ordered milk and water kefir cultures to begin making my own. They are both sitting on our kitchen counter right now re-hydrating. I will let you know how they turn out and the fun I have with them!

Post work out, I am not always hungry and in fact I like to fast for about an hourish after working out several days a week to help build more human growth hormone. Fasting is one of the best ways to build more of this important hormone. When I am hungry or decide to eat, I like to drink a big glass of whole raw milk. It has everything in it you need to recover, fat, protein, carbs and some natural sugar. I am sure once my milk kefir is going well, I will use this post workout, maybe blended with blueberries or chia tea.

After all of this, I do drink plenty of water. I like putting in some lime, lemon, or grapefruit along with sea salt. I do not put a lot of salt in, just a grind or two from my salt grinder. I drink when I am thirsty and try not to over drink. Drinking too much water can be just as bad as not drinking enough.

A glimpse into my crazy world and how I try to stay healthy and well hydrated.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God's blessings be upon you this most blessed Holy Week,

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