Monday, March 5, 2012

What One Change Are You Making?

When we look at something which needs to be accomplished and we look at the whole big picture, everything that needs to be completed, does it make you feel over whelmed and not even want to begin? Not only is this a problem for a large project for work or school, cleaning your house, what ever your project is, this can be the same issue with changing your food habits.

Do you look at your way of eating and ALL of the changes which you should make, feel over whelmed and so you do not make any changes at all?
Have you tried eating healthier and after a week or two give up because you are over whelmed, craving your old foods, do not know how to cook different foods, stressed out and go back?
Maybe you have a different reason for not making a change and sticking to it. Identify that reason. Being able to identify where you problem is, is one of the first steps in making a change. Figure yours out!

One big tip I can give you is this, make ONE change at a time.
If you break the picture up into smaller pieces it makes it so much easier. Instead of thinking you need to make every change all at once, just make one. Set a goal for yourself to make one change for a month and see how much better you feel. Then build on it. One change can make all of the difference in the world. Also, making this change, sticking to it and feeling better, can give you the motivation to continue making changes. You always feel better about yourself when you can accomplish something, gives you a bust of self confidence. By making one change to your healthy eating way of life, you can really tell the difference in your body and how that ONE change can impact your life. You will also not feel like everything is being taken away from you all at once.

This change can be as simple as deciding to add more water your daily routine. Or maybe replacing one of your sodas to a glass of water, add some lemon or lime to it. Add one vegetable to every meal you eat. This could be the same veggie for every meal, just as long as you are adding some veggies and color to your meal. Instead of that doughnut for a snack, have a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts. Go for a 30 minute walk in the evening instead of watching one more TV show.

You see, it does not have to be dramatic and a complete over haul of your diet and daily life. One small change can spur you on to a life time of healthy eating and better choices. Break down that healthy eating plan into small bites and you will be successful! Give yourself the momentum to accomplish your goal and allow how much better you are feeling to drive you to those continued changes.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time!
God's many blessings be showered upon you,

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