Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Recipe...Mediterranean Quinoa

I put this recipe together one day. I was hungry and had the ingredients in my fridge and ya la, a delicious recipe was born. Even Hublet likes it!

What you need:
Cooked Quiona
Kalamata olives, I slice mine
Red bell pepper, or any pepper of your choice, diced
Sun dried tomatoes, cut into pieces
Red onion, diced
Fetta cheese
Olive oil
Sea Salt

Allow the quinoa to cool to about room temp. Mix all of the ingredients together, serve and enjoy!

This is a really good, quick recipe. While the quinoa is cooking and cooling, you can cut everything up, mix it together and let it marinade. Then put in the quinoa, mix thoroughly and you are good to go!

Grill or saute chicken and put on top. Both ways are good. When it is warm, I grill the chicken and when it is cold, I saute with some salt and pepper. Fish, like salmon or tilapia are also great to go along with this recipe.

Enjoy the good food! A small enjoyment out of life.
God bless,

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