Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pizza is a Vegetable

Maybe you have already herd about this one, but I am going to write about it anyway! I know there are many of you who are over joyed at this news, pizza is a complete food group! that the government has decided pizza is a veggie. Well, I am here to burst your bubble, pizza is NOT a vegetable.

First, why pizza is not a veggie. When you buy a pizza from the store or most restaurants, how many veggies do you see on your pizza? My point. Not very many, even if you order a vegetarian. The largest majority of your pizza is sugar and more sugar. The sugar is coming from the crust, grains, and the follow up, the sugar in the grains, most commercially prepared pizzas have high fructose corn syrup in them, as well as other added sugars. Then, there is sugar in the sauce, HFCS and other sugars. All of this sugar is going to add weight to that waste line, not take it away. The cheese will not have much to talk about either, considering it is probably American, heavily processed, and has hormones, rBGH, and antibiotics in it. The meat will be the same thing, if it is meat. Then, we finally come to the veggies. The bottom of the ingredient list. If veggies are one of the last ingredients, how can pizza be a vegetable?

How many parents are going to be feeding their children pizza thinking it is a good thing because the government says it is a vegetable? They are getting their "five a day." When all we are really doing is setting are kids up to be sugar addicted, over weight, depressed, anxious, and all of the disease that come along with being over weight.

I am not saying pizza is not a great food, something I thought I would miss dropping the grains. However, there is a way to make pizza very healthy, with lots of veggies! You can make your crust out of veggies or make your own with a load of veggies on it. Here is a recipe I got from over at Marks' Daily Apple, but she has her own blog, Eggplant Pizza. I know it sounds crazy, eggplant pizza. If you are my older brother you would considered it extremely weird shit! It is good, do not knock it till you try it. You can try this with any other vegetable you would like or do a combination if you do not like eggplant. Mine and Hublet's personal favorite is Meatza! How could this one not be amazing, it is meat based with loads of veggies and some yummy cheese, if you can do it! If you still need that grain crust, you can always try, quinoa, millet, coconut flour or some other form of grain that has been properly prepared!

I am sorry, but commercially prepared pizza is not a vegetable. Even doing one of these recipes, I have linked to, would not be considered a veggie. Yes, they have many vegetables in the recipes, but nothing is a vegetable but a vegetable!

If you are looking for some more great recipes, I was introduced to this awesome page web last night, Nom Nom Paleo. I have not tried any of the recipes yet, but I will be!!!!!

Now, go eat some real vegetables!
In the Love of Baby Jesus,

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