Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Season

Sorry, it has been a while sine I have blogged. Been having fun with my wrist and with-drawing from pain meds. Not fun! I think in a two week period, I slept one nights worth of sleep. Finished with that crap!

Moving on and forward, because that is the way to live life. Christmas is very quickly approaching us, which of course means loads of holiday treats and goodies. Today I would like to talk about how to enjoy this very merry time, but not gain 10 pounds! Instead, maybe lose a few lbs. Yes, it can be done.

* Do not pig out. We all already know that though.
* When at a party, instead of trying every goody, pick one or two you enjoy or wold like to try and have a small piece or just one.
* SAVOR it. How many times do we throw food into our mouths and not really taste it? If you take the time to really taste and enjoy what you are eating, you will eat less.
* Plan your cheat meals. Having a cheat meal once a week is great for weight lose, not feeling deprived and a way to still have your cake and eat it!
* Begin your day with a big, healthy breakfast of protein and healthy fat. When eating this type of breakfast, you are less likely to binge through out the rest of the day. This is not just for the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is year round.
* Drink a large glass of water before the party and while at the party. This will help you to feel full.
* Do watch the drinks, even non-alcoholic ones. They can pack major calories and even more sugar than if you were to eat the baked goods.
* The day after, do a good hard workout.
* Do not stress while you are enjoying yourself. Enjoy and know it is ok to enjoy and indulge in some of your favorite treats occasionally. When we are stressed when we eat, it raises our cortisol levels, leading to weight gain.
* Take something healthy to the party. Everyone else is going to bring the tasty morsels., be different and take something with a healthy edge, but not obvious.

I think this is enough to get us started. The reality is, we do know all of this, it is just following through and having self control.
Here is to a healthy and happy Christmas Season.
In the Love of Christ,

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