Saturday, November 12, 2011

You Think You Live In A Free Country....?

America is "suppose" to be a free country. I have family who have who have fought for the freedom of this great country. By the grace of God, none of them have died in war. THANK YOU!!!!! What outrages me though, is I have these family members who have fought, and all of out other soldiers who have fought and died for the freedom of this country. And yet, we are not free. You are probably asking what I mean. Take a look at these videos:

This is the outrage I am talking about. Here you have a farm growing true organic food, the God intended food to be, having a professional chief come in and these people can not eat it. The pigs can not even eat this food! For crying out loud!!!! If these people can not even choose what they themselves want to put into their own body, how are we free? Some low level health inspector comes in and her only reason this food is not safe for any consumption, of human or animal, is because "she said so". She had no legal right to do this. Yet, to a certain extent, she got away with it. All of the food had to be destroyed, thrown away and bleach powered over it. Once the police did arrive, she did not have any of the proper paper work and nothing legal to have the owners or guests arrested. So, she was escorted off the farm. It was not a full victory. I have a hunch, she is being slammed in Nevada for what she has done. I hope sever action is taken against her and her supervisor also, but I am sure that will not happen.

You do not think this can happen again, think again.  It is not the first time a thing like this has happened. Their was an Amish farm in Pennsylvania that was raided. There have been farms in California raided, in almost every state there have been farms raided. All from the USDA and FDA throwing their weight around. In fact in some states a farmer cannot even drink his own raw milk or feed it to his family because the FDA, CDC and USDA said no. This happens more and more frequently. It is time to stand up to the government and tell them enough is enough. They need to again be fearing the people of this country, not the people fearing their government. 

I ask the question, are we really a free nation? How far are you willing to go to support your right to put what food you want in your body? As crazy as you might think I am, it could come down to giving your life so your family and friends can eat real, whole, nutritious food. the food God intended for us to eat, not the crap the government tells you to eat. Wake up before all of our soldiers who have fought and died for the freedom of this country is a waste of their lives.

For great information and how to get involved to help stop things like this from happening again and going further, visit this web page.

Demand real, whole, nutritious food, God's food.
In the Love of Christ,

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