Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Recipe... Steamed Veggies

I know steamed veggies are nothing new, people make them all the time. However, I do get asked questions about how I make mine and what to do. So, I thought I would do a post on them.

What you need:
Veggies, what ever you want. You can either do one veggie or a variety
A pot with a lid
A little water
Butter/olive oil
Seasonings, sea salt, pepper, oregano, basil, dill weed, pick whatever you like. Hublet and I like spices from a company called Penzeys. The have different mixtures which are yummy.  By allowing everyone at your table to pick their own spices you will also help them to eat their veggies. If they like it, they will eat it and that is what the name of the game is all about!

Put veggies in the pot, poor in some water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Put the lid on and place on the stove top. You will want the heat about medium high. Every few minutes shake the pan, keeping the lid on. The veggies are finished when they begin to turn a brighter color. The first few times you may want to try one to check for doneness. Be sure they are not over done, you do not want them soggy or mushy. Turn off the heat. If there is any water left, drain it. After this, add your butter or olive oil. If you have read any of my posts, you know I like my veggies dripping in butter, so yummy. Put on the table, with a pot holder, and serve. Allow everyone to put their favorite seasonings on and enjoy.

Steamed veggies are a very easy, healthy way to prepare vegetables. By steaming veggies you are far more likely to uptake the vitamins and minerals in them. The main thing to watch out for is not over cooking your veggies. You do not want them limp and mushy, at this point you have cooked out all of the vitamins and minerals. You still want them to have some firmness to them. Most of the vitamins which can not tolerate heat will still be present and those which need some heat to bring them out, will be brought out. Steaming is a great!

By adding some fat, like butter or olive oil, at the end will help you to assimilate more of the vitamins and minerals. Fat allows you to get the most out of your veggies, however they are prepared. There are many vitamins and minerals we can not uptake unless there is fat along with them. By eating fat free you are not getting the most from your veggies. Who wants to eat veggies with no fat, that is what makes them taste yummy anyway.

Enjoy your veggies!
Until next time,
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