Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weight Lose

Ok, so you are asking me to make all these changes and begin eating all this fat and not eat as much grains or any grains and you tell me it is suppose to be healthy for my heart, stabilize blood sugar levels and on and on. But, if I make these changes will it help me lose weight? If I am eating all of this fat, shouldn't I be gaining a bunch of weight?
 If you remember back from the post about grains I talked about insulin levels and how eating grains can spike you insulin levels, leading to weight gain. Remember, weight lose is about about stabilizing your insulin levels. As a review, if you are eating a lot of grains and sugars from processed foods and candy, junk food, even fruit your insulin levels are going to spike, then drop. When they are high, this puts your body into a fat storage mode. Not only will grains and sugars in general play havoc on your insulin levels, they will also make you very hungry. If you are hungry, you are going to eat. What is your body craving, something with sugar in it. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. You eat it and you crave it more and more. This cycle will also make you tired. When you are tired, your brain will want food to function. You brain functions on glucose, which is sugar, and it will make you crave anything with sugar in it for instant energy. It does not fix the problem. It is only temporary and in a few short hours, you will be craving sugar again. Here is where the wonderful world of a high fat diet comes in.
 Sources of fat do not have sugar in them. If there is no sugar, how will effect you insulin levels? When you consume fat you will see very little change in your insulin level, just a little bump. With every meal you should be consuming some animal fat. This is important especially if you are eating grains and fruit, due to the sugar. The fat, and protein, will slow down the uptake of sugar in your digestive system. The sugar will not be digested as quickly because it takes longer to digest fat and protein. What this means is the sugar will not be taken into the bloodstream as quickly. If the sugar is not entering the bloodstream as quickly, your insulin levels will not spike. Instead of having a huge insulin spike after a sugary meal, you will see a smaller rise in your levels due to the fat and protein. Stable insulin levels leads to weight lose.
 Fruit can be healthy for you as long as you eat it with fat so your insulin levels do not spike. If you are looking to lose a significant amount of fat, it would be best to avoid fruit until you have lost most of the weight. Once you add some fruit back into your diet, be sure to eat some fat such as nuts or seeds along with it.
 Not only will eating fat help to slow your insulin levels, it will also help to keep you full longer. If you are full, you do not need to eat. Let us say for breakfast you eat three large cage free eggs, with cheese and a variety of vegetables, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, whatever you have in your fridge and you like. You add some seasonings for flavor and their health benefits, and to top it off you put salsa, full fat sour cream and half of an avocado. You also have a cup maybe two of coffee with heavy cream. A big breakfast loaded with fat and protein along with your veggies. With such a large breakfast, you might not be hungry again until late in the afternoon, maybe even dinner time. I know the CDT tells you you need to eat every two to four hours to keep your blood sugar up and for weight lose. We have seen why you need to eat every two to four hours due to all of the grains and sugars. With all of the fat and protein, like in the breakfast describe, you will stay fuller for most of the day. Your insulin levels are going to stay stable for the day and in a fat burning zone. If you do not need to eat again until three in the afternoon or even dinner, there is less calories you have taken in for the day. So you see, by eating more fat and protein your insulin is going to stay stable and you do not need to eat as much because you will be satisfied for longer periods. Fat has this ability to keep you satisfied, having a level of satiety as we call it in the nutrition world. The longer you are satisfied, the less you need to eat. 
 Your body will be receiving the nutrients it needs from all of the fat as well, namely the fat soluble vitamins, E, D, A, and K. Because we have become so afraid of fat, most of us are deficient in these vitamins. Eating all of this fat will help you to regain your health from having a lack of these vitamins which are so important to our health.
 Hopefully, you are beginning to understand the importance and value of eating fat. It is great for your waist line, losing or maintaining fat lost and for the vital vitamins it provides.
Until next time, in Christ,

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