Monday, August 22, 2011

What To Eat....

If you are not doing all of the grains, then what do you eat. Ohhhh, this is where a whole world of delicious yummy food enters. You see, I love to eat! I know there are people who do not think I eat, but let me tell you, I can pack the food away with the best of them. Not do I just love to eat, I love delicious food. Full of flavor, food that will take you to the next level. I want food also that is healthy for me and my family. A tall order, I know. I have the fix though. It is called a traditional/primal diet. What could be better than fresh vegetables, especially when I take them from my garden, and saute them in butter, pastured feed and no growth hormone butter. I am not talking a little butter, I like them dripping in butter with some sea salt pepper and what ever other seasonings I am in the mood for that day. For something a little sweeter I will use coconut oil, very good. Bacon drippings works well also. Beginning to understand why I love food?
If you have read any of my previews posts, you will recall other foods we eat: eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados, cream, whole raw milk, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour, the fat on our meat, veggies and some fruit. Real food is what we eat. Hublet stills likes some of the processed stuff, not as much or as often though. It is beginning to make him not feel so well. When your body begins to receive the real food it needs, it begins to crave it, thrive and not want the other nasty stuff. After a time, you will not want the other any longer and if you eat to much of it, you will not feel so well, just like Hublet.
As you read my list of foods, many of them I am sure you are saying don't they have a lot of cholesterol and saturated fat in them? Those are suppose to be bad for you and cause heart disease. How can you eat them?
Is this really true though? Is saturated fat and cholesterol bad for your heart? Have you ever stopped to truly think about these claims? Ask yourself some questions such as: if they continue to push this low fat, low cholesterol, high grain diets, then why is heart disease continuing to be the number one killer in America and growing? Why did heart disease ever rise to become the number one killer? A big important question should be about money. Are all these organizations like the FDA, CDC, WHO really looking out for our health or are they more concerned about lining their pocket books?
I have answered these questions for myself. My answer is a big fat NO! Cholesterol and saturated fat are very healthy for you. If you want to prevent heart problems, lose weight, stay in shape, feel great and have energy like you have never had before, then eat fat. Do not take my word for it, research it yourself.
Let us take a walk down memory lane, they are so much fun. Back in our cave man days and up until about the 1930, animal fat was our main source of fat. During this time, heart disease was pretty much unheard of. In 1924, an animal study was conducted with rabbits. The researches feed the rabbits cholesterol, oxidized cholesterol, which is damaged. Unfortunately the rabbits died. This makes perfect sense when you understand rabbits are vegetarians, unlike humans who are carnivores. They can not incorporate animal cholesterol into their systems. Because the cholesterol was damaged, it is going to cause problems in any animal, even if they can deal with cholesterol. Instead of having good science and realizing these two facts, the cat was out of the bag so to speak. Cholesterol began to be villainized. The manufacturers of vegetable oils caught wind of the scare tactic, people are beginning to believe cholesterol is bad for them and going to kill them. Let us play on this fear and convince them they need to eat vegetable oil, which is laden with trans-fats and hydrogenated fats. The slippery slop continued and here we are in 2011 fearing cholesterol and saturated fat.
I think I have given you a mouth full to gnaw on. This is a topic I believe needs to be taken in small bits because it goes against everything we have been preached to believe for our lives.
Until next time in Christ,

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