Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Grain Or Not To Grain, Continued...

Another question/comment I receive with not eating grains is: Jesus ate grains, or other cultures continue to eat grains, like Italians. If they eat grains, then they are good for you and I am going to eat them.
My response to this is as follows: Yes, Jesus ate grains. They speak about grains in the old Testament frequently as well. And yes, there are cutlers who eat grains. However, there are major differences from the grains eaten here in the USA to grains of Jesus' time and other countries. If you remember from yesterday's post, I spoke about how grains are consumed today. The main portion consumed is the endosperm, with little to any of the germ or bran put in. I also spoke about soaking and fermenting the grain, which is customary for most cultures to do with their grains before consumption. They also did not eat as many. Do you really believe  before the industrial movement of machines to easily changes grains into a form to consume, they ate that much grain? Think about it, if you have read the Bible, they had to pick the grain by hand, then they crushed it using stones, but they did not have some automated machine doing the work. They had to manually make the stone work. None of this is easy. It would stand to reason then, small amounts of grains were actually eaten, clear up to the industrial revolution. Due to all of the work which went into grains, watering, picking, grinding, soaking, fermenting and then baking, they would not be high on the food list. It was far easier to consume animal, in the form of fat and the protein, milk, which was whole and raw along with and vegetables and fruit.
The same goes for cultures, like the Italians, who eat grains today. The whole grain is put into the food, not portions along with soaking and fermenting.
In the USA, most grain consumed is genetically altered, unlike in Jesus time when grains were genetically the way God designed them to be. Today, to many "scientists" and industries, think they are "god" and know best. This playing is destroying our food today.
The other big difference, grains are on the bottom of their eating habits. A small bowel of pasta might be on the side or a few pieces of bread eaten with fat. The rest of their food is animal fat, protein and vegetables. Different than what we think.
I mentioned the bread, or grain in general is eaten with fat, real butter or olive oil for example. This is because the fat will help to slow the sugar uptake in the blood stream. The last post, I said one of the main reasons grains are bad for us is that they spike insulin levels, which causes weight gain. So, if you are going to choose to eat a few grains, be sure to eat them with real fat and protein. This goes for anything with sugar, like fruit.
Why is slows the uptake of sugar is because fat takes longer to digest as well as protein. By eating the grains this way, you will not see the insulin spikes. If you eat grains, keep in mind, they need to be the whole wheat berry, as Jesus would have consumed them, soaked, fermented and eaten with fat and protein.
While we are talking about sugar in the grains, let begin to look at the question if grains are really healthy for your heart. You might think it is odd I am bringing this up with sugar. We are only told it is fat and cholesterol that causes heart disease. We will tackle this in another post. If you think what I have been saying about grains is out there, just hold on! We have discussed sugar from grains increases our insulin levels, causing weight gain and insulin resistance, this same sugar can wreck havoc on your heart. Why? It increases bad cholesterol, not just flat out LDL, far more to it. Sugar increase LDL you do not want increased because, this LDL is a very low density LDL and this will clog your arteries and cause problems. The other nasty thing sugar does to our arteries is scuff them up. What do I mean. Sugar is abrasive, woman out there how many of you have done a sugar scrub for your skin? The same thing sugar does to our skin, exfoliating the dead skin, which is a good thing, it does a similar thing to our arteries and veins, which is not a good thing. Another way to look at it, is if you have a PVC pipe, and you push through the pipe small sharp pebbles, it will create divots in the pipe. Then you begin to water your lawn with this pipe. After a time the pipe is going to clog up because debris and will form and clot together, backing up the pipe. If you do not take care of the problem, the pipe could burst. Sugar does a similar thing. If your arteries are being all scuffed up, it is very easy for plaque, very low LDL and other items to clog up your arteries, every where not just the heart. Grains are hopefully not sounding all that great for heart health any longer.
Hopefully this is helping you to understand why grains of today are not the healthiest. The difference in today's grains verses 100 years ago grains or another countries for that matter. Remember the difference in amounts and how others consume grains, at the bottom of their consumption along with fat and protein.
Until next time,
In Christ

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