Friday, September 16, 2011

Weight Lose Goals

When trying to lose weight, ask yourself why, why do you want to lose weight? Go and purchase a journal to be your dream journal. In this journal, you write down your dreams and goals for your life. Whatever they are in every area of  your life, not just health. Keep this journal by your bed and visit it often. Reread what your dreams and goals are, when they change, rewrite them. Do not be afraid of them changing. We are creature who change and develop into different people than we were five years ago. As we begin to search out our dreams and goals and go out there to achieve them, we may change our minds and this can be a good thing. Because, we will probably begin to dream even bigger and better than we had in the first place. We will become a better person because we are pursuing our dreams. Our dreams change and they should. Do not be afraid to dream and dream big. In your Weight Lose/Dream Journal write on the top of the page:
Why do I want to lose weight?
 Then list all of the reasons you want to lose weight. By making it personal like this, it is more than just oh, I want to lose weight. You know have written reasons as to why you want to lose weight, it has become personal. The reason for having them written down, is it becomes visible then, it is not just in your mind and whishy washy. Once we have written goals, they become real and not abstract. We can go back and look at them, remind ourselves of what our goals and dreams are. It is very important to write them down. When it comes to weight lose and writing down why you want to lose weight, you have had to think about it, not just say I want to lose weight, most people want to lose weight. You have reasons to lose weight. Take the time to think about this and write it down.
  These reasons need to be genuine, realistic, attainable and not just for vanity reasons. Saying you want to look better naked can be a great reason to lose weight, but it has to be a reasonable, I want to look great naked and then becoming anorexic because you can not ever see yourself  for who you really are and the weight you have lost. You need to see what is actually in the mirror and not what is in your mind.
  If you can not think of reasons you want to lose weight other than, I am fat and need to lose weight, you do not have a real motivator to make the necessary changes in your life. There is a difference between just thinking you are fat and need to lose weight  and saying, I need to lose weight because I am not healthy, I have heart disease, I want to be here for my grand kids and be able to keep up with them go out and play, not site and watch. I want to lose weight because... Or an even better way to look at it might be, I want to be healthy because.... Weight lose and being healthy are two different things. Being healthy is making this processes personal and not vanity. It is becoming in charge of your health and fixing your health issues, not just losing weight.
  After you have written down all of the reasons you want to become healthy, take your top three or four reasons and write them down on sticky notes and post them everywhere, from the mirror in the bathroom so you read it every time you brush your teeth and wash your hands, on the fridge and pantry doors so when you go to open them you can read why you want to become healthy and that junk food is not going to sound so yummy any longer. Put them on your computer screen, places on your desk, as the book mark for your book, anywhere you need them. Find where you weak spots are, where you need the most reminders to choose better, healthier food options to help you reach your goals. If you are reading these goals through out the day, everyday, this will help you to stay motivated. You will have a reason to make better health chooses. Wanting to lose weight, get into shape and be healthier will be a priority for you. Instead of telling yourself, today is the day, I am going to make better choices today and then you do not and yo feel guilty and horrible about yourself and then you eat even worse because you have already messed things up, so what is the point. You lose your motivation and mentally beat yourself up, a down whirled spiral. You then promise yourself tomorrow will be a better day and you will have the will power. If you have been telling yourself this for five, ten years or more, why is it going to change this time? The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Is this not what you are doing? If you want real, lasting results, you need to make real changes. You need different habits. If you have notes all over the place, and you actually read them every day, you can stay motivated. You can have the necessary tools to make the changes you need to make. Once you begin to see results, it is even easier to continue on with the change. Instead of setting yourself up for failure one more time, set yourself up for success.
  This can be in any area of your life, not just weight lose. Have a goal, have a dream, write them down, write down why you want to obtain this dream, and make it happen. You are in charge of you. Do not settle for a second rate you or say you can not reach your goals and dreams, because you can, you just have to decide you are going to do it. Write those sticky notes and remind yourself everyday, all day, why you want to reach your goals. Keep going forward and watch your life change!
In the Love of Christ,

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