Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Squat Challenge for a Better Booty

We all want a better booty. There is only one way to get that better booty, lost of hard work, good nutrition, getting off your butt and moving, and specific exercises to target the glutes. One of those exercises is squats. With summer around the corner, how about a squat challenge to begin building the booty?!

What will this entail:
30 Days of 50 Squats a day
This is 50 extra squats a day, if you already exercise.
You can do any type of squats you would like, try different variations, standard squats, goblet, jumping squats, wide stance, narrow stance, single leg, squat jumps up stairs. They can be body weight, weighted, a combination, use this time to challenge yourself.

Is a 30 day squat challenge going to give you that summer booty, body you are wanting? No. Be honest with yourself. But, it can set you up to begin achieving that healthy body you are wanting. To really build glutes and a healthy body, it takes months and years of dedication, hard work and spot on nutrition. We need a starting point. We need a push to take things to the next level.

What will doing 30 days of squats do for you:
Begin building your posterior chain, your back side, back, glutes, ham strings. This helps to keep you up right and will help improve your over all health.
Get you up off your butte. This is very important if you want to build your glutes, sitting for so long is disengaging your glutes and making them weak.
Already an exerciser, great! This will give you some extra work. If not, this can be the push you need to find your exercise passion.

Have not squatted or just starting out, no problem. You can do your squats to a chair or other object until you gain the strength and stability to squat on your own. We have to start somewhere. Do not allow this to be the reason you do not join this challenge. You will never get where you want until you take the plunge and go for it!

Think 50 is too many? It is a large number, but you do not have to do all 50 at once. Really, I would prefer you break them up into sets and do sets throughout the day. Remember the moving more? Sets of 5, no problem. Sets of 10, awesome. Even if you have to start with three sets of five, which would give you 15 squats a day, this is an awesome place to start. You can make it your goal to finish all 50 squats by the end of the challenge, at least once.

We will begin May 23rd through June 21st.
No charge to join.
Post your videos and photos on social media using the #30daysummerglutes

Lets build those booties!
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,