Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Magic, Secret Bullet to Weight Lose

Hubby took this at my last competition, great shot Hubby!

We all want the quick fix, the easy road, the magic bullet that will stop your cravings, make you lose fat, you know the song and dance from all the infomercials, eat whatever you want, lose all the weight you want, never make any sacrifices, and look like bikini model/men’s underwear model. The next secret is: sign up for one more email news letter, watch a 20 minute video, that never really says anything, go through how this product should coast this much, but a very limited time we are giving it to you for not this much, not this much, but this price, blah blah blah….. There are diet pills out there, fat blockers, physic enhancing substances, steroids, drugs, you name it and it is on the market, it very could be some of your Pinterest fitpo’s are taking many of these to look like they do. However, all they want to tell you is, have the determination, self control, will power as me, and you too can look like them. Don’t forget you have to take all the drugs.

There are those drugs, magic pill, that can give you a good body, you have to put some effort into, eat 500 calories a day, replace meals with pre-packaged fake food and shakes, but how safe are they? What are you doing to your health? What is going to happen to you in 10 years, 20, 50 years? The truth for some of these is, we do not know. Is it really worth your health? I hope no.

The secret, the magic pill, is your food, physical activity, your thoughts about yourself, what you think and put your time, thought and energy into. The perfect body, is yours. The one you nourish at a cellular and genetic level, that thrives when you nourish it and love it.

Does it work, to nourish your body at a cellular and genetic level? Look at my photos from my last competition, both of them on this page and tell me if you think it works. Yes, I am tapping into my full genetic potential, nothing extra on the side. I eat to nourish my body to express the best of my genes, with real, whole, nutrient, dense rich foods. I do not take protein shakes, BCAA's, branch chain amino acids, creatine, fat or carb blockers, pre/post work out supplements, nothing band by the FDA, cannot use any band substances when competing in the NGA. I eat real food. Yes, I had to drop calories, cycle through low and normal calorie levels to lean out for competing, you need to be learner that what you can effortlessly maintain, but I did it all with food, nothing crazy, other than some low calorie days.

Do I look like this today, no. I have put healthy weight back on, and feel great. I eat when I am hungry, training smartly and maintaining a healthy body, effortlessly. Am I saying anyone who eats a Primal, Ancestral, nutrient dense rich diet is going to a physic like mine, nope. You will have the body that is right for YOU, no one else. Your genes will express themselves optimally to your genetic, full potential. Learn to love that person in the mirror and deep inside of you.

Magic bullet, Secret: THERE ISN'T ONE. Eat real food. Move your body, challenge your body. Stop listening to all the garbage. We all have different body shapes and sizes, that is beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Love you.

As a side note, maybe you need to take a break from looking at the fitness Pins, FaceBook, Instagram FitPo stuff, is it really helping you? Do all those images make you feel worse about yourself, your body, that you are not good enough? Most of it is not real anyway. They take hundreds of photos, don't eat, who knows what they are taking as far as substances and such, Instead, begin looking in the mirror and loving yourself, I know this has done me good.

Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,