Monday, January 13, 2014

The Difference Between Succeeding and Not

Did you come up with a dream, a goal, a fear you want to conquer? What steps are you taking to make this a reality? A dream with out a plan is nothing more than a passing thought.
One the things between actually achieving your dreams and not, is your self confidence. Do you believe you CAN make your dream the life you wish to live or do you not? When you do not believe in yourself, how do you make your dreams your life? One of the first steps you must take in making your dreams a reality is gaining self confidence. 
Self confidence is a muscle. Just like any other muscle, if you want to make it larger, you must work hard. Do one more rep. Lift an extra five lbs on the first set, push 20 more steps. You must push the muscle to make it grow. Self confidence is no different. If want it, you have to work for it. It is not going to come over night. Just like you cannot say, I want to do a pull up today and go do one without having ever done one. You have to work long and hard to do that pull up. Think of self confidence like a pull up.
Here are a few steps to help you work your self confidence muscle:
  • Take a journey back in time and recall the event, what someone said, that made you stop believing in yourself, begin healing from here.
  • Do not ever look at something as a failure, but a learning opportunity.
  • Patrice Mirroring. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself five things you like about yourself. Begin anywhere, even with one.
  • If some one compliments you, do not blow it off, try to make yourself look small, take it, own that compliment. Allow yourself to believe it.
  • Recruit some of your closets friends, those who love you and know you are better than you see yourself. Stand in front of them and tell them your dream, goal, ambitions, in the first person. Examples, "I am a small business owner." "I am going to over come my body image issues." "I will stop self doubting." Have them tell you if they believe you or not. If they do not believe you, continue repeating your dream until they believe you. They will only believe you, until you believe in yourself.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Concurring Your Fears

We come to that time of year, when resolutions are made, but truly in the end, very few are ever kept.
How many times do you only make a resolution because "everyone else is making them"?
Do you make a resolution that is too large to wrap your head around and give up because it is too big?
Do you not make resolutions?

Personally, I am not one to make resolutions. The concept always seemed weird to me. Why do I have to wait until January 1st to make a resolve to become a better person, eat healthier, begin working out, whatever resolution. If I would not make this "resolution" any other time of the year, why do it on January 1st? Why set a goal, a resolve, if I am not going to follow through? This does not mean to say I do not reflect back on the year or look forward to the year to come.

With that said, where ever you are in your resolutions, keep going! Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Set goals that are attainable.
  • Do not think you have to do it one month, you have all year to work on your resolutions. If you stumble, get back up and try again. You have all year.
  • Break your resolution down into months, weeks, days.
  • Remember, every day is a gift. Live everyday as though it is the beginning of a new year.
  • Your resolution should not be abstract, you need specifics.
  • Have a plan.
  • Do not give up!
For an example, say you want to give up pop. Just saying I am going to give up pop is abstract. When do you plan on not drinking it any longer? How long do you think it will take to give it up? What are you going to substitute it with? When those cravings come, how are you going to handle them?
Lets say you drink 5 cans or bottles a day.
For January, drink 4 can every day. For the extra can you would have drank, drink a glass of water.
For February, drink 3 cans a day
Continue decreasing by a can a month, and replacing with water, kefir, kombucha, or tea, until you are no longer consuming pop. If you can go faster, than by all means, go for it, this is just an idea. 
The other questions are for you to answer for yourself. 

However, instead of this just being a resolution you make and that is the end of it, I challenge you to really grow, reach beyond what you thought possible, concur your fears, do something epic. The kicker is, you cannot just say I want to do this or over come this fear, you need to make a plan, set goals to reach your big goal and actually begin taking steps to accomplish this. I know you can do it, I believe in you. Besides, I will be joining you in this journey. 
Let me know what you are going to do, your plan of attack and where you need support. I love hearing from you.
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,