Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stop Exercising for Fat Lose

Are you in the camp who thinks they need to "exerciser for fat lose"? Aren't all of us? I mean, duh, we have to exercise to lose fat and build muscle so we can increase our metabolism, that is what they tell us.

Is it working?

How about we have a change in thought? Exercise for hormone adaption and eat for fat lose
What do I mean by this:
Exercising is actually a stresser to the body. This stress can be either good or bad.
  • If good, creates a genetic response in the body to adapt, be healthier, get stronger, produce favorable genetic responses and has a positive impact on hormone production. Due keep in mind, fat lose is about hormone adaption, not calorie counting. This all makes the body stronger, happier and healthier. To be in a good stress adaptive state from exercise, it is not chronic, you fully recover between workouts, if you are tired, like we talked about in the last post, you do not work out. You push hard in a workout, such as sprinting, weight lifting or body weight exercises, but not to the point of exhaustion. You should feel energized after a workout. 
  • If bad the exact opposite happens to the body. The body is under stress, produces stress response hormones, which makes the body gain weight, be fatigued, not sleep well. You can go into a catablic state, your body breaking down muscle. You begin not seeing the results you want. Genetically, you are not producing genes that will not help you thrive, but cause disease. You will be stressing the adrenal glands, causing them to produce stress response hormones, and potentially burning out the adrenals. Not a good place to be here, avoid.
I know this is a completely different way of looking at exercise and takes some time to wrap your head around, especially for athletes. We are constantly told to lose weight you have to exercise more and more, do this workout for weight lose, do these exercise to get a six pack, burn off those thighs, take a look at Pinterest or Face Book, not saying these are bad places, I use them as well, but, isn't what you read and see all the time? I roll my eyes, makes me cringe. Yes, we can build muscle, strengthen the muscles, be healthier and stronger and that is what you should be focusing on with exercise, not weight lose.

You can build a healthier, stronger body by working out less, listening to the body, training smartly, and nourishing the body with food. You will have lasting results, be healthier and have the energy to enjoy this beautiful life you have been blessed with. By making these changes, looking at training differently, I feel better and I am getting the results I want from my body.

Go exercise smartly!
Saving the world one stick of butter at a time.
God bless,